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How Long is Compression Garment Worn After Vaser Lipo?

I had Vaser Lipo nearly 3 months ago on my arms the triceps. I have been wearing the compression bandage since. My question is how long do you... READ MORE

Does Wearing Compression Garment Affect Vaser Lipo Results?

Doctor said that I should not wear compression garment. So far I am happy with that I see but a bit worried if not wearing the garment would affect... READ MORE

How Long to Wear Compression Garment After Vaser Neck Lipo

I am 32 years old male with good skin and I am planning to go for NECK and jaw vaser lipo. My surgeon ( board certified) has suggested me to wear... READ MORE

Compression Garments After Vaser?

I have a small body frame 5'7",109lbs,33" hips and had Vaser 3 weeks on some small areas.Since I am small, the garments that my surgeon... READ MORE

Is It Normal To Still Be Swelling When Not Wearing Compression Belt 2 Months Post-Op Vaser?

I am 43 yrs old woman, 9 weeks post op vaser on my upper and lower abs and back,one week after the procedure and post ops,my doc advised me the use of... READ MORE

Vaser Liposuction Post Op Garment Too Painful to Wear?

I had vaser liposuction on my abdomen and flanks 6 days ago the garment is really painful to wear. It cuts into my sides and is really unbearable. I... READ MORE

What Causes Seroma in Abdomen After Vaser Lipo?

I just had a tummy tuck due to botched vaser lipo. My surgeon told me he found pockets of fluid in my abdomen during the procedure. I wore the... READ MORE

Worried About Results?

7 days ago I got vaser/ liquid lipo on lower abdomen, flanks, inner and outer thighs. I am really upset as I feel I have not got the results after... READ MORE

How Important is It to Get a Phase2 Garment After Lipo? I'm Having a Hard Time Finding One.

I'm 17 days out from vaser lipo of the abdomen ,flank, upper back, lateral thigh, anterior thigh, knee, sacrum and mons and vaser smooth to the... READ MORE

5 weeks post op, I'm not impressed with Vaser results. Why is the result are looking not better, but worse? (photos)

Hi. It's been nearly 5 weeks since I've had Vaser done on my upper, lower tummy and flanks. On day 2 after the op, the results looked very promising,... READ MORE

Vaser Lipo on Abs/flanks. Body Garment 1st 2 Wks & Added Girdle over It Now. Told to Make Tight As Possible-is This Smart?

Vaser Lipo on Abs/flanks. Body Garment 1st 2 Wks & Added Girdle over It Now. Told to Make Tight As Possible-is This Smart? READ MORE

Should I Still Wear a Girdle with 3 Months After Vaser Liposuction?

I had vaser lipo on my thighs stomach and back three months ago, i still bruised and seems like he burn me on the side. do i need a girdle for three... READ MORE

My stomach looks better for a short time after removing garment, then it sags again

I'm only two weeks out. I had Vaser Lipo and Smart Lipo combined. I had my abs, hips and saddlebags done. I don't notice a thing except a little bit... READ MORE

Will a Body Garment Help With Seroma After Vaser Lipo? (photo)

(I am now concerned even more, I have a body garment I was given shall I wear that 24/7), will that help with the Seroma? is this harmful to my body?... READ MORE

How Long Should I Wear my Neck Compression Garment After Vaser Lipo?

I'm going to get Vaser Liposuction to 7 areas, including my neck. I am just conscious about the neck compression garments, because those are the... READ MORE

Do I Need a Binder and Garment After Vaser?

I had combo of Vaser/Smartlipo on my U/L Abs 10/21. Today was my 1st postop and my surgeon was upset that I was not still wearing my garment, binder... READ MORE

Found Out I was Wearing the Wrong Compression Garment the First Week Post-Op Vaser, Could I have Done Damage?

I had vaser lipo on monday 3/12/2012 and found out today that the compression garment the hospital put on was not sufficient. I am a hot mess worrying... READ MORE

Wrinkled skin its 15 days post Vaser on abdomen and flanks?

I am wearing the compression garment. I saw that the skin on my abdomen looks very ugly and wrinkled and darker. Will this come back to normal? READ MORE

Topifoam or Epifoam After Vaser Liposuction?

I have read this is good to use after VASER. How is this applied? Can I buy a compression garment with it fitted, or is it in sheets, that you then... READ MORE

Can Compression Garment Worn After Velashape Mold Stomach?

Why do my sides waist to thighs go in and out instead of having a smooth curve? Does the compression garment mold stomach shape? READ MORE

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