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Rosacea V-beam Swelling; Causes Wrinkles?

I just had my 2nd v-beam treatement for rosacea (my last one was 3 years ago). The area under my eyes is so severely swollen...I got to wondering if... READ MORE

Swelling and Redness Nearly 1 Week After V Beam, Is This Normal?

I had v beam 5 days go and still have swelling and lots of redness READ MORE

After VBeam Perfecta 1 treatment yesterday, what can I do to lessen under-eye swelling? (Photo)

I had no idea the swelling would be so extreme. The clinic is not open until Monday and I have no one to ask. I am icing and taking Benadryl and... READ MORE

Does the swelling after vbeam usually get worse before better? (Photo)

I had vneam on Friday that day I had a few wells on my cheeks but then Saturday when I woke up I was completely swollen my eyes where swollen and my... READ MORE

Quadrostar Pro Yellow Diode laser or Candela V-Beam Perfecta laser for diffuse redness caused by KP?

Is the Quadrostar Pro Yellow Diode Laser better than the Candela V-Beam Perfecta Laser for diffuse redness on the face caused by KP? If the Q... READ MORE

When I will see V beam results?

Hello I had 1 st v beam 5 days ago. I was swelling 2 days, and after my face looked the same like before v beam. Will I see results or laser? And when... READ MORE

I have some strange wrinkled lines after Vbeam. Is this a side effect? (Photo)

I've had 3 Vbeams over 3 months. My last treatment was 4 weeks ago. After the swelling went down the last time, I noticed some strange wrinkled lines... READ MORE

V Beam stack pulses and multiple passes - does it cause more prolonged redness/swelling?

What does it mean to stack pulses and multiple passes, does it cause more prolonged redness and swelling? READ MORE

Is the swelling suppose to get worse before it gets better after V Beam?

After vbeam treatment for mild rosacea I am having swelling that has worsened since the treatment is that normal?? The first day I had very little... READ MORE

Persistent swelling under eye. Should I be concerned?

Hello, it has been 3 weeks since my first v beam treatment, very low settings, non-purpuric. I have minor swelling still under one eye that was... READ MORE

What is happening after my V-beam treatments?

I'm 9 days out from my 2nd Vbeam treatment (first was May 26th, but it didn't do anything) and my skin looked amazing up until around the 7 day mark,... READ MORE

Hard Bump 2 months after VBeam treatment?

I had 3 previous sessions of VBeam treatment for a hemangioma. They were spaced out 6 weeks apart. After the fourth session, the doctor made my... READ MORE

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