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Rosacea V-beam Swelling; Causes Wrinkles?

I just had my 2nd v-beam treatement for rosacea (my last one was 3 years ago). The area under my eyes is so severely swollen...I got to wondering if... READ MORE

Swelling and Redness Nearly 1 Week After V Beam, Is This Normal?

I had v beam 5 days go and still have swelling and lots of redness READ MORE

After VBeam Perfecta 1 treatment yesterday, what can I do to lessen under-eye swelling? (Photo)

I had no idea the swelling would be so extreme. The clinic is not open until Monday and I have no one to ask. I am icing and taking Benadryl and... READ MORE

Does the swelling after vbeam usually get worse before better? (Photo)

I had vneam on Friday that day I had a few wells on my cheeks but then Saturday when I woke up I was completely swollen my eyes where swollen and my... READ MORE

When I will see V beam results?

Hello I had 1 st v beam 5 days ago. I was swelling 2 days, and after my face looked the same like before v beam. Will I see results or laser? And when... READ MORE

Quadrostar Pro Yellow Diode laser or Candela V-Beam Perfecta laser for diffuse redness caused by KP?

Is the Quadrostar Pro Yellow Diode Laser better than the Candela V-Beam Perfecta Laser for diffuse redness on the face caused by KP? If the Q... READ MORE

I have some strange wrinkled lines after Vbeam. Is this a side effect? (Photo)

I've had 3 Vbeams over 3 months. My last treatment was 4 weeks ago. After the swelling went down the last time, I noticed some strange wrinkled lines... READ MORE

Small lumps below eyes one month after v beam? (photo)

I have swelling below my eyes after vbeam a month ago. Dermotoligist gave me hydrocortisone to put on twice per day but it's not working, he says best... READ MORE

I had a treatment for age spots and some spider veins-over my whole face. I had extensive swelling and bumps under the skin.

Is this kind of swelling normal? It has been one week-I am much, much better, and my skin looks good, but I still have swelling under my chin on the... READ MORE

V Beam stack pulses and multiple passes - does it cause more prolonged redness/swelling?

What does it mean to stack pulses and multiple passes, does it cause more prolonged redness and swelling? READ MORE

What helps the swelling? I had V beam done for rosacea/veins 3 days ago. (photos)

The swelling hasn't subsided yet. I know it's still early but I'm looking for suggestions to see if there is anything I can do to help. Maybe I'm not... READ MORE

Is the swelling suppose to get worse before it gets better after V Beam?

After vbeam treatment for mild rosacea I am having swelling that has worsened since the treatment is that normal?? The first day I had very little... READ MORE

Persistent swelling under eye. Should I be concerned?

Hello, it has been 3 weeks since my first v beam treatment, very low settings, non-purpuric. I have minor swelling still under one eye that was... READ MORE

What is happening after my V-beam treatments?

I'm 9 days out from my 2nd Vbeam treatment (first was May 26th, but it didn't do anything) and my skin looked amazing up until around the 7 day mark,... READ MORE

Hard Bump 2 months after VBeam treatment?

I had 3 previous sessions of VBeam treatment for a hemangioma. They were spaced out 6 weeks apart. After the fourth session, the doctor made my... READ MORE

Is it typical to have tire track (think pineapple or hand grenade) indentations on my face after a vbeam treatment? (Photo)

Is it typical to have light, almost white, tire track (think pineapple or hand grenade) indentations on my face within an hour or so of a vbeam... READ MORE

V Beam treatment complications?

3 weeks after vbeam, I have mild swelling, wrinkle - like lines, and pronounced skin texture changes on my forehead where treatment was done. I... READ MORE

I have no redness and swelling after V Beam, should I be worried?

I did vbeam laser on this Wednesday. But after the laser, there isnt any redness or swelling. I just feel like my face was like before i done the... READ MORE

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