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Should I Be Concerned? 2 Weeks Post and Have Welts/Lines?

I got Ultherapy 2 weeks ago. I had over a dozen welts/lines on both sides with tiny blisters and scabbing. I also looked like a chipmunk with all the... READ MORE

Ulthera Created More Lines and Hollowing of Eye Area?

I had an Ultherapy treatment done only to my orbital area a month and a half ago. I know results take between 3-6 months, HOWEVER I am actually... READ MORE

I had ultherapy treatment 2.5 weeks ago and still track marks have not healed? (Photos)

I still have the track marks. I am afraid that these track marks will not go away. They look like lines along my jawline and also with little dots. I... READ MORE

I had 500 lines of Ultherapy on my face. I'm 35, thin and angular. Any suggestions?

Now my face looks fat and round. I modeled my entire life and am upset because I don' t photograph well. I spoke to my friend in Paris and she did it... READ MORE

Facial surgery or ultherapy? (photos)

Dermatologists have told me that I could achieve a good result for my hooded eyelids, puffiness and vertical lines under the eyes with Ultherapy but... READ MORE

Kim Kardashian had Ultherapy at Epione. What do you think her RX was?

What do you think her RX was? Do you think she had 6-800 lines? Do you think they used the 4.5 What would urs be for her? READ MORE

After doing Ultherapy today, I walked out the office with lines & marks all over my face. How long will these lines last?(photo)

I had Ultherapy on my lower face today. After a few hours I still have noticeable lines and marks all over my lower face. Is this reaction normal? How... READ MORE

Ultherapy w 5.0 plus/ setting level 4 /660 lines, thin face. Now fat loss

Hi. I was doing this for prevention and was not a candidate. 38 years old, and now have fat loss and hair loss. Would this have happened w the newer... READ MORE

Welts on face and neck from Ultherapy. Any suggestions?

I had ultherapy done over 3 weeks ago on my face and neck. I had pink, red welts all over where the procedure was performed. The redness is gone but... READ MORE

I hate droopy mouth lines. Any suggestions? (photos)

I hate the lines that have started forming around my mouth, making it look droopy. My doctor recommended an Ulthera "glow" treatment of 1.5mm 2x plus... READ MORE

Ultherapy and Infini Combo? Is there such a thing?

I'm 34 and have noticed some lines and a little sagging coming on. I've been doing fillers and botox for 5 years and I'm debating between the infini... READ MORE

Considering ultherapy for jowls? 52 years old & very thin face. How many lines should I be treated with for lower face only?

How many lines should I be treated with for the lower face only? I was told 480 lines by one doctor and 200 by another. Also one was using Amplify 1... READ MORE

I had 30 lines with the 3.0 transducer on my brow and 60 with the 3.0 on my lazy brow Ulthera. Is this a lot?

Welts, dents, and headaches. I am tiny. I spoke to a Dr. who said it was supposed to be 10 lines... thoughts? READ MORE

I'm 52, thin and looking to shape lower face ulthera?

I have met w three doctors so far. The one I am leaning towrds using the program pre-amplify..(the others use 1 and 2). He seems more caring and... READ MORE

Ulthera experts: The "New" Amplify is half the energy, but double the lines...

It is basic math. The "New" Amplify is half the energy, but double the lines. 800 lines, let's say. SO...would getting 800 from the OLD program,... READ MORE

Is around 300-350 lines Ultherapy for face and neck too much?

I had ultherapy done at a doctor's office. He told me he did 150-175 lines on each side of the face (can't remember exactly), from lower lash line... READ MORE

How much is the average number of lines of ultherapy for face and neck, or the most frequent/common number of lines used?

I know individual treatment may vary. But I would like to know as doctors that perform ultherapy what the most common number of lines you use is. READ MORE

Ultherapy overdone? Worrying some doctors do not do the design before therapy? use 4.5mm for the whole face with 600 lines?

24 yr asian,Ultherapy done on face, neck, no forehead.recommend Ultherapy for loosing fat instantly, like ultrasound knife. he did not draw design... READ MORE

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