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Is Numbness a Side Effect of Ultherapy?

I had ultherapy a few days ago and had a nerve block for pain. I am wondering whether the lingering numbness in my neck and jaw/cheeks is caused by... READ MORE

Ultherapy Paralysis On Lower Right Side of Lip; Normal?

I had Ulthereapy 5 days ago and my jaw line is still quite swollen and tender. The thing I am very concerned about though is the fact that the lower... READ MORE

I Just Had Ulthera Done on the Lower Half of my Face Starting from Under my Cheekbones. I Know I Am Swollen a Little?

I am worried that my jaw area will plump so my cheekbones will not be as prominent as they were before. Does skin tightening also mean plumper in 3... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Undergo Ultherapy After Cheek/Jaw Implants?

I Had Cheek and Jaw Proplast Implants over 30 Years Ago, is It Safe to Undergo Ultherapy? READ MORE

Have you seen successful Ultherapy results/happy patients after 1 year of Ultherapy or have you seen damage due to Ultherapy?

I recently had ultherapy ( 1 week ago) and I am having a lot of numbness under my jaw. I had the mid face and below jaw done. I am 43 years old. Based... READ MORE

Can Ultherapy cause lymph nodes to swell?

I had Ultherapy done on my lower jaw a week ago. I have ever since noticed a swelling on my lower ( under the jaw )lymph node area. The swelling is... READ MORE

5 weeks post op Ultherapy, I have droopy results. Any suggestions? (photos)

My doc recommended a touch up from my 1st Ultherapy, but had her nurse do the treatment. I moved forward based on her recommendation. During, felt she... READ MORE

Is Ultherapy possible post orthodontic jaw surgery?

30 years ago I had jaw surgery to realign my teeth (bottom jaw protruding). I have no idea if I have metal in my jaw as a result (screws or plate). My... READ MORE

I have plates and screws in my jaws/chin. Would I be ruled out for Ultherapy? My face is starting the downward slide (Photo)

13 years ago I had orthognathic surgery to the mandible and maxilla, with a sliding genioplasty. I am 36 now and aging. I'm really unhappy with the... READ MORE

Can Ulthera/Ultherapy affect the jaw or teeth alignment in any way?

Suddenly, my teeth have moved, it is noticeable in pictures, slight crossing of two front teeth and receding of the teeth with side my two front teeth... READ MORE

Best treatment for tightening chin and jaw area after kybella injections? (photos)

I have received a total of 3 kybella injections, however, I started noticing a little bit of sagging under chin or might be fat remaining, not sure.... READ MORE

Ultherapy for fat reduction? I'm interested in getting a more defined jaw and thinner neck. (photo)

Hi. A doctor recommended ULtherapy. What is best for me based on picture? I tried cool sculpt but it only did a tiny section right under the chin... READ MORE

3 weeks post ultherapy - sore jaw and gums, with bruising on gums. Nose looks smaller. Why?

It's been 3 weeks after ultherapy. The swelling is going down but not completely. My main concern is the bruising on my gums! I thought it was only... READ MORE

Hard lumpy Welts under jaw after Ulthera

I had Ulthera 10 days ago and the doctor said I might have welt which will go away in a 48 hours I have 2 and are under my jawline on upper neck and... READ MORE

Why does ultherapy give me double chin? What should I do?

I had the ultherapy done 5 month ago, and I have sagged chin ever since. I have a very slim and fit physique, with small jaw and chin, I did not have... READ MORE

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