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Ultherapy Yesterday; Lip Very Swollen, Eyes Swollen, Chin Bruised. Options?

I had my ultherapy treatment yesterday, The technician also did my upper lip,I have a slight amount of swelling around my eyes and a bit under my chin... READ MORE

If You Did Not Bruise/swell Much After Ultherapy, Will Results Be As Good?

I had ultherapy 2 days ago on lower face (from under cheekbones to upper neck) and I did not bruise at all and swelling is very minimal with no... READ MORE

Ultherapy Done Today on Full Face, Swelling on Lower Cheeks and Now Bruising On Both Cheeks?

I read this is normal. My question is should I work out in the morning - I work out with a personal trainer mostly with weights. I appreciate some... READ MORE

Ultherapy full face done 8 days ago. Edema after 1 week on jowl area looks horrible. Is that normal? Is it ok to ice it?

Ultherapy full face done 8 daysago. I am a 50 year old woman. Excellent skin quality for my age wanted a little lift for the jowl and eye area. One... READ MORE

Is this much bruising a normal side effect after Ulthera? (Photo)

Three days after Ulthera treatment on lower face I have extensive bruising and my mouth still is not working properly. Hopefully, these issues subside... READ MORE

Can I Get Ulthera if I Take Warfarin? If So, Will It Cause Bruising?

I cannot stop warfarin, even for 1 day, and would never have cosmetic surgery, like a neck lift. READ MORE

Should I Use a Nerve Block for Ulthera?

Hi, The doctor has using nerve block injctions with Ulthera (if I can't stand the pain), but was told we will be more prone to bruising. Is that true?... READ MORE

Is it normal for cheeks to turn yellow 3-4 days after ultherapy?

I believe my cheeks are bruised. How long does it take the yellow skin to heal and is the a normal side effect of face ultherapy? READ MORE

I had Ulthera done about 1 month ago and it left me with 2 hard large nodules on either side, about 2x2 cm. Is this normal?

They are located above my jawline in lower part of my cheeks. Still have some bruising in that area as well.. I have an appointment to be seen by the... READ MORE

Is it possible that Ultherapy to the forehead can affect sinus drainage?

2 Weeks out from Ultherapy to forehead I have under eye bags and bruising on medial portions of orbital bones and eyelids. No allergies. Saw MD who... READ MORE

Is there a test treatment for Ultherapy to see how you will respond?

I am still on the fence with Ultherapy for lowerface. I've seen many bad reviews with sever brusing( https://www.realself... READ MORE

I am experiencing swelling and bruising after Ultherapy and want to know if exercise is going to make it worse?

I had ultherapy on lower face and neck yesterday. In the evening I noticed swelling and used ice packs. I went to the gym this morning as usual and... READ MORE

3 weeks post ultherapy - sore jaw and gums, with bruising on gums. Nose looks smaller. Why?

It's been 3 weeks after ultherapy. The swelling is going down but not completely. My main concern is the bruising on my gums! I thought it was only... READ MORE

I had Ultherapy yesterday full face & neck. I've got welts on my neck that are hard underneath. Is this normal? (Photos)

The redness is gone but they are pretty raised and look and feel like knots. If this is normal how long with it stay that way? I was told there is no... READ MORE

Restylane in tear trough 5 weeks ago, Ultherapy 4 days ago. Swelling and bruising intense under left eye. (Photos)

After my restylane tear trough injections 5 weeks ago, the left eye showed significant bruising and swelling. Around week 3 this healed and swelling... READ MORE

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