I Had Ulthera on my Lower Face 3 Days Ago and Still Have Considerable Swelling and Bruising

Is this normal?

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After Treatment

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Thank you for your question. Yes it is normal to be swollen and bruised after Ulthera. It should subside after about a week. If not, you should return to your physician for a follow up.

Swelling After Ultherapy

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It is common to have some swelling and/or bruising after Ultherapy.  The swelling and bruising will usually subside within a few days, but can last up to 2 weeks in some patients.

Swelling After Ultherapy

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Swelling and bruising after Ultherapy is a common side effect. Though most patients will see this subside after a few days, it can last for up to several weeks. Topical apple cider vinegar, Arnica gel and/or oral Arnica Montana can also be used to help expedite the healing process of a bruise. If you have not seen any improvement after two weeks, call your dermatologist to schedule a follow up appointment. 

Mary E. Hurley, MD
Dallas Dermatologist

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Ultherapy and Swelling

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Swelling and bruising can be common to experience. There are many different factors that can play a role in why some people bruise and/or swell and others do not. This treatment causes an inflammatory response to the target of deep underlying tissue which can lead to potential bruising or swelling. After approximately 2 weeks it should subside.

Steven Gabel, MD, FACS
Portland Hair Restoration Surgeon
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Swelling and brusing after Ultherapy

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Swelling and bruising from Ultherapy can last up to 2 weeks. There is a considerable amount of trauma that occurs deep in the tissues, so bruising and swelling is normal. This trauma is safe & it is what causes the collagen stimulation and strengthening in the tissues. The swelling and bruising can definitely be more noticeable or extreme in some people, dependent on many factors, such as: were any blood thinners taken before the treatment, how thin the skin is, how much facial fat there is, and if the individual performed excessive physical activity within a day or two after (this can contribute to more bruising and swelling), among other considerations.Thank you.

Ultherapy and post procedure swelling

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Swelling and bruising does occur after Ultherapy and will go away. I recommend Swell-X bioflavonoids. 

We perform Ultherapy in our Williamsville, NY and have done hundreds/

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So the nice part about Ultherapy is that when we perform a consult, we talk to the patients a lot about the fact that if there is any pain associated with the treatment , it is when the lines are laid down onto the skin, and this usually goes away pretty quick. Although some swelling and bruising can be seen, this is relatively short-lived as well by most and not much of a concern. You should not be concerned about this at 3 days – this will all go away and within 3 months of the treatment, you will have great results

Michael Gold, MD
Nashville Dermatologic Surgeon
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Temporary Swelling after Ultherap

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Swelling of the treated area can develop and last for up to two weeks. It is a temporary side effect and will resolve without any treatment.

In a few months, you should be able to start seeing the beneficial results of the treatment.


Gail Nield, MD, FRCPC
Toronto Dermatologist

Bruising and Swelling can occur

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Swelling after an Ulthera treatment can occur if you were given an aggressive treatment. I would not call this "normal" but would not be alarmed. This should resolve within a week. Bruising is less common but I have seen some minimal bruising in patients who have taken aspirin for a number of years. This may take a little longer to resolve but you could use Arnica gel to help it go away quicker.

Swelling and bruising can occur, but are not common, after Ultherapy

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Most patients do not develop bruising but very few can. This will go away on its own usually by two weeks. As there should be no blister or raw spot, makeup can be used on intact skin to hide the bruise.  Swelling is expected but is so minimal for most people that it is considered a no to very low, down time procedure. If people do develop swelling than they should not sleep flat, but rather elevate their head on a few pillows and should not bend over at the waist or do exercise until the swelling subsides in a couple of days.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 38 reviews

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