Tummy Tuck Videos

Mommy Makeover: See What the Surgery Is Like and the Before & After Results (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Moises Salama performs a mommy makeover, which includes a tummy tuck and breast lift, on this woman. See her before and after results. VIEW NOW

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How Long Will I Have to Use the Drains After Liposuction? (SPANISH)

Dr. Yily De Los Santos explains how long one can expect to use drains after a liposuction procedure. VIEW NOW


Tummy Tuck Recovery: This Woman Went to Disney World Only 2 Weeks Later

Dr. Brian Windle interviews a previous tummy tuck patient who was just one month post-tummy tuck. VIEW NOW

Tummy Tuck: Treat Loose Skin, Stretch Marks, and Tighten Your Abdomen All at Once

Dr. Jack Peterson talks about the different benefits a tummy tuck surgery can provide. VIEW NOW

Why Are Tummy Tuck Procedures So Popular?

Dr. Jack Peterson explains why the tummy tuck procedure has risen in popularity and what the procedure entails. VIEW NOW

The Difference Between a Mini and Traditional Tummy Tuck

Dr. Jack Peterson compares the differences between a mini tummy tuck procedure and the traditional tummy tuck procedure. VIEW NOW

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Techniques That Can Optimize Your Tummy Tuck Results

Dr. Jack Peterson explains different incisions, treatments, and techniques that help achieve the best results for a tummy tuck. VIEW NOW

Recovery Expectations After a Tummy Tuck

Dr. Jack Peterson discusses the recovery expectations after a tummy tuck procedure. VIEW NOW

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Why Did I Gain Weight After My Mommy Makeover Procedure?

Dr. Paul Fortes discusses the mommy makeover procedure and initial weight gain after this type of procedure. VIEW NOW

Liposuction vs. Tummy Tuck: Which Is Best for Me?

Dr. Richard J. Restifo explains how you can determine whether a liposuction or a tummy tuck is the best solution to achieve the result you have in mind. VIEW NOW

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Can a Hysterectomy Affect the Results of a Tummy Tuck?

Dr. Moises Salama talks about the impact a hysterectomy surgery, which removes a woman's uterus, can have on a tummy tuck procedure. This video also includes before and after results for the Brazilian butt lift Dr. Salama is performing. VIEW NOW

What Can a Tummy Tuck Do for Me?

Dr. James Shoukas discusses the abdominoplasty procedure, also commonly referred to as a tummy tuck. It removes excess fat and skin, and restores weakened or separated muscles. It also creates a smoother and firmer abdominal contour. VIEW NOW

Achieving the Perfect Tummy Tuck

Dr. Jaime Schwartz discusses his philosophy on achieving the perfect tummy tuck with different techniques and surgeries. VIEW NOW

What Are The Benefits of A Tummy Tuck?

Dr. Michael Carlisle discusses the restorative benefits of a tummy tuck after pregnancy. Sometimes diet and exercise cannot get rid of stretched skin after pregnancy. VIEW NOW

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Tummy Tuck: Does My Age Matter? (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Moises Salama discusses the physiological requirements for a patient considering a tummy tuck procedure. VIEW NOW

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