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Could Vomiting After Tummy Tuck Cause Injury?

8 weeks ago I had a tummy tuck, I had the stomach flu and was throwing up for 24 hours. Now I am afraid I hurt something. I am feeling very sore and... READ MORE

Vomited 1 Day Post-Op Tummy Tuck, I Believe I Busted the Sutures, Could this cause Seroma?

I had a tummy tuck at the end of July. The evening post op, I violently vomited. I heard and felt a major pop. I immediately felt my tummy tuck was... READ MORE

Did I Bust Sutures in my Tummy Tuck?

I had a full tummy tuck a couple of days ago. I had nausea and threw up and it felt like fabric ripping apart inside.The area feels hot. Could I have... READ MORE

Tore my TT Stitches 1 Month Post Op?

I has an abdominoplasty One month later, I noticed a bulge under my rib cage. Bulge became more prominent , PS said I had tore my stitches and he said... READ MORE

Bulge in Left Lower Quadrant of Tummy Causing Rash and Vomiting? (photo)

'03 had full tummy tuck, 2010 had c-sec. with third child. Then Jan 2012, I had assisted laproscopic hysterectomy and hemroidectomy. 3 weeks ago.... READ MORE

4 1/2 Weeks PO and Think I'm Coming Down with Stomach Bug. Will Throwing Up Ruin my TT at This Point?

I'm 4 1/2 weeks Post-op and 2 of my kids have a stomach virus (throwing up). I'm starting to feel sick myself and I'm so worried that throwing up will... READ MORE

Did I Damage my Abdominal Wall by Vomiting After my Abdominoplasty?

I am two weeks into recovery from my Lower Body Lift (which included a full Tummy Tuck) after losing 225lbs. I am a 23 year old male, and I am afraid... READ MORE

What Kind of Revision is Needed for Tummy Tuck Failure Related to Vomiting Post Op?

I had a stomach virus and vomited approx 30 times within the first 48 hrs of my Tummy Tuck. The first 2 days my stomach was flat and has been... READ MORE

It Still Hurts to Cough, Sneeze, Vomit 1 Year After Full Tummy Tuck with Lipo...should I Be Concerned?

It still hurts to cough, sneeze,vomit one year after a full tummy tuck with lipo....the center of abdomen above and below navel seems a little... READ MORE

I Am Postoperative Abdominoplasty 7 Days the Day I Had Surgery I Vomited and Had a Few Coughs and Felt Sharp Pains in my Abdomen

To the right of my umbilical is more swollen the the left. Do u think I tore my sutures by coughing? READ MORE

Six weeks post op, depressed with lump on upper abdomen. Went from flat to bulky. Could I have messed things up? (photo)

General Anesthesia made me feel sick and I had to vomit after my surgery. I felt a huge pop on my upper abdomen. At three weeks I was looking great as... READ MORE

Could I have possibly torn my sutures after diastasis repair?? (photos)

Im 2 days post op I started violently vomiting from the pain meds (I'm assuming) and was in an extreme amount of pain, but then after a few hours the... READ MORE

I am 16 days post op from a Tummy Tuck but feel like I'm back to day 4. Any suggestions?

My recovery has been quite easy but two days ago, I was feeling so good that I believe I may have over done it with running errands, shopping, etc. I... READ MORE

Can vomiting and diarrhoea damage internal tummy tuck stitches?

I am just over 4 weeks post full TT, and have had sickness & diarrhoeaI through the night. was sick 3 times as well as diarrhoea, didn't feel and... READ MORE

Could I have ripped my sutures during vomiting?

On my fourth day, I had a apt to go see my surgion . on the way their. just when we got to the parking lot I vomittef twice and felt on bottom of my... READ MORE

15 days post op after hernia repair and removal of some redundant pannus had surgery 2-18-15 got staples and Jackson Pratt drain

Drain out on 3-2-15 Dr wasnt gonna put sterri strips on till I situp and was opening it was ozzing Jp drain was at 25 cc when he took it out went back... READ MORE

I have excessive belching 4 months post op Tummy Tuck. Any suggestions ?

Age 62 I've had rare acid reflux & a small Hiatal Hernia x 10yrs. NO BELCHING! I am 4 mons PO TT with Rectus plication. PO I had severe nausea but no... READ MORE

One week post op Tummy Tuck. Will vomiting tear my sutures?

I am one week post op from tummy tuck with muscle repair. My son has come down with the stomach flu. Lots of vomiting. I have left my husband with the... READ MORE

Is my scar infected? Is this swelling normal? Could I have disrupted my muscle repair sutures? (photos)

13 days PO from TT & lipo. My drain came out on its own 8 days PO & I've been concerned about getting a seroma. I often tap around &... READ MORE

Did I rupture a stich in my abdominal wall due to vomiting? (Photo)

I had a tummy tuck, lipo, and muscle repair 2 1/2 weeks ago. The day of surgery I guess I had an allergic reaction to percocet which caused vomiting.... READ MORE

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