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Recommended Time Before Having Intercourse After Tummy Tuck?

How long must I wait to have intercourse after a Tummy Tuck? READ MORE

Sex After a Tummy Tuck How Long Should I Wait?

How long should a woman wait to have sex after a tummy tuck and can an orgasm hurt your belly? READ MORE

Sex After Tummy Tuck

My husband is in another country and has been for almost 2 years so I rarely get to see him except if I go there for a week or he comes here for a... READ MORE

Pain After Tummy Tuck with Sex

I am two and a half weeks post op from my tummy tuck and to embarrassed to ask my ps, but my husband and I were having sex "dogie style"... READ MORE

Sex After TT. During Orgasm (Before Penetration) my Lower Ab Muscles Began to Spasm. Is This Normal? Can It Cause Damage?

I waited 3 1/2 weeks. Prior to actual intercourse, as I was having an orgasm my lower ab muscles began to spasm. It did not hurt. It felt like the... READ MORE

Can I have sex after tummy tuck?

I just started with this site and I love it. But my question is how long after having a tummy tuck with muscle repair and lipo can u have sex? I ask... READ MORE

I'm Getting Married Five Weeks After my Scheduled TT. Is This a Major Mistake? Will Intimacy Be Difficult? (photo)

I'm Getting Married Five Weeks After my Scheduled TT. Is This a Major Mistake? Will Intimacy Be Difficult? 5'7" tall 130 lbs age 37 READ MORE

Can Sex After a Tummy Tuck After 12 Weeks Make Swelling Worse?

I am 12 weeks post op and I've noticed that when my husband and I have sex, I seem to swell more; especially in my pubic mound area. The next day, my... READ MORE

Post-Tummy Tuck Sex, Does the Penis Size Matter?

Does the size of the penis matter post tummy tuck? Will the Tummy Tuck be affected in any way?  How long should I wait if it is extremely large?... READ MORE

Effect of Body Lift, Tummy Tuck on Libido?

I am a sixty two year old woman and want to know when the desire for sex will approximately occur after a BL and TT with lipo. I had the surgeries... READ MORE

Worried about tummy tuck muscle repair and possibly damaging it with strenuous activities including sex? (photo)

Worried about muscle repair, what would it take to loosen your muscle repair or rupture a suture, I'm two weeks post full tummy tuck with. Muscle... READ MORE

8 Days Post Op from Breast Aug, Tummy Tuck and Lipo of the Hips. Had Sex 8 Days After?

My doctors nurse advised me to wait 3 weeks 2 at the very least to have sex again. I had sex on day 8 with my compression garment on. I am wondering... READ MORE

Should sex after a tummy tuck cause vaginal pain? It feels to tight. Like the wall towards my butt is going to rip?

I had a tummy tuck 6 weeks ago. I had the doctor pull one side of my muns up because it had been stretched out during my last birth. Other than a... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck with Lipo Mess Up?

I had a tummy tuck with lipo and 28 days later I had sex (without the consent of my physician). My husband is a very large man and it got pretty... READ MORE

Trouble having an orgasm 9 weeks after full Tummy Tuck. Any suggestions?

I am 9 weeks post op full TT. I feel about 90% back to my pre surgical self. I have been back to a full active sex life for 4 weeks now. My problem is... READ MORE

Sex after tummy tuck, pros and cons?

Sex After tummy tuck pros and cons? I have 15 days post full tummy tuck(only). I feel good from the 1st day. My doctor is really impress with the... READ MORE

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