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Skin Numbness After Tummy Tuck

I just had a tummy tuck 7 days ago and i have numbness of my skin right between my rib cage all the way down to my belly button. is this normal and... READ MORE

Can I loose the fat on my rib cage, or is it a deformity that can't be fixed? (photo)

Okay, I have had fat on my rib cage my whole life an it's annoying. I exercise a lot and I am at a health weight now. Can exercise or surgery get rid... READ MORE

Pain Under Rib Cage After Tummy Tuck

I had a tummy tuck with full muscle repair 3 months ago. Since then I have had the normal healing with mid abdomin numbness etc. However I have pain... READ MORE

Pain/Bruise Below Ribcage After Tummy Tuck

At 10 days post op, do most patients stil feel extreme tightness below the ribcage? has anyone ripped their muscles in that area? READ MORE

Pressure Against Ribcage Following Tummy Tuck and Hernia Repair

I had a tummy tuck and repair of an umbilical hernia one week ago. The drainage tubes were removed two days ago. My problem is the swelling and... READ MORE

I think my belly button is too high after my tummy tuck. Where should it really be? (Photo)

How do you measure to see if you belly button is to close to my ribs cage READ MORE

Will a rib cage tattoo affect the appearance of a tummy tuck?

Hello doctors, I have tattoos on my rib cage and I'm hoping to get an tummy tuck someday. I am just wondering, would the skin from my rib cage extend... READ MORE

I had a tummy tuck over three weeks ago, there is a slightly rounded look on my upper abdomen.

My tummy is fairly flat and I am really please but is the slight raise underneath my Breast normal? Like around my rib cage? And I'm sneezing and it... READ MORE

Upper rib cage protruding after 5 months. Is this temporary? (Photo)

I came home today to find my upper cage protruding. ..the definition was gone. I know I am still healing and I've been feeling a littlr sick with pain... READ MORE

My seroma is at the top of my stomach near the center of my rib cage. Is this normal?

I have had a full tummy tuck 15 days ago.I keep reading about seromas being located near or around the incision.My seroma is at the top of my stomach... READ MORE

Three weeks post FTT with MR. Can a pop in my abdomen in my sleep rupture my muscle repair?

3 weeks post TT with muscle repair. Last night in my sleep, I involuntary stretched and felt a pop. I spoke with my PS this morning, she said that at... READ MORE

Swelling in abdomen after full tummy tuck and lipo. Is this normal?

I had a full tummy tuck in November of 2014. I had a seroma that has been aspirated ever since. My last visit to my doctor resulted in no fluid being... READ MORE

My rib cage seems more pronounced since a few days after surgery. Is it just swollen or will it look like this forever?

I am 2 wks post op from full TT muscle repair and lipo. still obviously have swelling but my Upper rib cage looks bulged and it feel very bloated. It... READ MORE

Scheduled to have repair of umbilical hernia in Oct. Have overextended ribcage w/diastasis recti, and separation of chest muscle

Defects caused bad posture (with retroverted uterus) and got worse after I had my daughter 2yrs ago. I have heart burn like crazy (burning sensation... READ MORE

The area located underneath my ribcage and above my belly button (center) swells up and gets really hard and painful. Normal?

I had a tummy tuck with tightening of abdominal walls on 7/26/2016. I had a lymphatic drainage massage 4 months post-op. READ MORE

Sensitive skin after tt with mr.

I am just over 3 weeks po and for the past few days my skin all over my abdomen has become super sensitive, in a painful way. I can't wear anything... READ MORE

Why is there a Small bulge under rib cage post tummy tuck? (Photos)

Due to getting sever diastasis recti post twins, I had a full tummy tuck. Currently, I am 10 weeks post tummy tuck and I have this annoying bulge that... READ MORE

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