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How long does it take for surgical glue to fall off? (Photo)

My PS used surgical glue to close my incision and has instructed me to let it come off naturally. Today marks three weeks post op for me and it hasn't... READ MORE

Allergic Reaction from Surgical Glue?

I am a 42 years old female. I had a tummy tuck 8days ago and I have a severe allergic reaction from the surgical glue. My surgeon put me on steroid... READ MORE

This is a photo of one of my incision sites after surgical glue fell off (9 days). Is this "normal? " (Photo)

I underwent surgery a week and the days ago. Since then, glue holding wounds closed has begun peeling and falling off. Today when the glue feel off... READ MORE

Is my Tummy Tuck Scar Normal? (photo)

I am 1 week post tummy tuck surgery my wound was opened twice due to post op bleeding, it was closed with glue im worried there is something wrong with it READ MORE

What is the best way to hold the outer tummy tuck incision together? (Photo)

What is the best way to hold the outer tummy tuck incision together to get the thinnest scar - type of sutures, no sutures, steri strips and clue ?... READ MORE

Do I need more surgical glue applied? (Photo)

My surgery was 12/15/15 and my PS used surgical glue to seal my incision today I am 6 days post op and the glue is starting to flake away. I'm... READ MORE

Adhesive Glue during Tummy Tuck alternatives? (photo)

I am scheduled for a full tt in 10 days. Doc uses an adhesive glue during procedure.Because of my religious beliefs, I will not take whole blood or... READ MORE

I plan have something done this fall, if realistic improvement is to be expected for dog ears. Any suggestions? (photos)

I would like to have dog ears removed. I healed beautifully! No out sutures, only internal with glue on the outer, producing an extremely clean, very... READ MORE

Does my belly button look concerning after the glue was pulled off by the binder? (photos)

I am 3 weeks post op from a TT. My binder just pulled the glue off my belly button. It was bleeding a little around the edges. There is still a little... READ MORE

Day 8 post tummy tuck - the glue came off in a small portion? (Photos)

I am eight days post op from my tummy tuck and part if the glue, and scab came off. It is a really small area and am probably worried for no reason... READ MORE

How do your incisions open? I have seen some pretty nasty looking open incisions .

How does someone have " open " wounds.. on a TT? I see quite a few pictures where the seam of an incision is splitting and opening. How does that... READ MORE

Any thoughts, research, or experience with tissue glu?

A few weeks ago, my PS informed me that I would be a good candidate for the drainless TT using tissue glu, also mentioning "5 layers of sutures". I... READ MORE

TT surgical glue.

I am allergic to surgical glue and I'm getting a TY soon, is there something else beside the glue that can be used? READ MORE

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