How long does it take for surgical glue to fall off? (Photo)

My PS used surgical glue to close my incision and has instructed me to let it come off naturally. Today marks three weeks post op for me and it hasn't budged. Obviously I plan on following the doctors orders but it would be nice to finally get to see my incision!

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Surgical glue

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Thank you for your picture. Surgical glue usually start to peel in about 2 to 3 weeks. I asked the patient to start to remove flakes that are easy and I start to remove flakes that are more difficult at that 2 to 3 week mark.

Surgical glue for tummy tuck incisions

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I typically use dermabond over my tummy tuck incisions.  It tends to flake off at around 2-3 weeks.  I ask my patients to peel it off gradually starting at 3 weeks if they can.

2-3 Weeks Post-Op

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It’s important to follow your surgeon’s post-operative routine and instructions following surgery. If you have questions regarding post-operative care you shouldn’t hesitate to contact your surgeon.
Surgical glue usually starts to lift off the wound 2 to 3 weeks following surgery. We allow patients to remove adhesive remnants as it peels off the wound at this point in time.
It’s important to realize that each surgeon has his own post-operative routine. For this reason it’s important to follow our surgeons direction’s closely.

Surgical blue begins to follow off around 3 weeks but can persist for up to 6 weeks

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Surgical blue typically begins to flake off in the first 2-3 weeks.  Eventually as you grow new skin cells normally the old skin cells that have below will be sloughed off and the gluteal will follow-up with him.  This can take up to 4-6 weeks.

How long does it take for surgical glue to fall off

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A quick phone call to your surgeon should give you their response if you can peel it off>>> But only listen to the operative surgeon... 


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Hi Phoebegetsfit

It looks like your PS has used a product called Prineo over your wound line. That is great - I like and use the product frequently. The tape is stuck to your skin through a bonding process with Dermabond (surgical superglue). You need to wait for the skin under the tape to cycle through and the tape will fall off by itself. This generally takes 3-4 weeks.

As the edges/ends fall off, just trim the tape close to your skin with some small sharp scissors. Cover the 'open' scar with Micropore paper tape to replace the Prineo. I normally see my patients at about the 3-4 week mark and remove any remaining Prineo or Micropore and discuss scar management with them.

Good Luck

Dr Gavin Sandercoe

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