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Can my Teeth Be Saved? (photo)

Im from the uk and hardly many money and ive let my teeth go bad , i have a fake tooth as of a bike accident when i was younger, im now 25 and my... READ MORE

35% of my Front Tooth is Broken Should I Go for Bonding or a Porcelean Veneer?

35% of my front tooth is broken what should i go for a porcelean veneer or a composite bonding .it happened 8 months ago but i couldnot do any... READ MORE

Teeth Grinding On One Side? (photo)

I've always "grinded" my teeth ( I was told I did so as a child). I'm 29, have been buying guards (I chew through them, take them off sleep) since age... READ MORE

Is There a Link Between Ephedrine and or Caffeine and Tooth Cavity?

I'm a 30 something with my first tooth cavity. The only recent change to my routine has been the addition of ephedrine and caffeine pills to my diet... READ MORE

Should I Get a New Composite Filling or Veneer?

I chipped my front tooth when I was 18, and it was repaired with a composite filling, now 31 it's time to have it replaced. The last years I have been... READ MORE

Terrible tooth decay and just plain bad teeth! (Photo)

I am 27 years old and unfortunately can not afford a mouth full of pricey implants. I have not been to a dentist for at least 10 years and both smoked... READ MORE

Is there anyone who is willing to help me give my wife a beautiful smile again?

When my wife was 16 she got braces I'm assuming to fix the gaps in her teeth but her dentist closed down his practice leaving her with a mouth full of... READ MORE

I'm 30 years old and my top teeth decayed and I was on med that cause my teeth rooted away. What can I do to save my teeth?

What is the next step I can do save my teeth my teeth is brown went to 3 dentis 2 told me same one told me that I have them fix. I'm scared of geting... READ MORE

Looking for a Great Recomstructive Dentist in Houston or Texas Area. Also, is It Impossible to Fix the Overbite? (photo)

After living in a mentally and physcially abusive home for years my one wish was to have my teeth fixed. It has been a constant reminder of the past.... READ MORE

Both my front teeth broke. What can I do? (Photo)

I'm 25 my front tooth are chipped of bad need it fixed READ MORE

I'm an actor. Need this crooked tooth to look normal. Please suggest the best option. Age: 26. (Photo)

Basically when I smile, that one side where the crooked tooth is looks odd/like there is a hole there. Need to get it fixed. Faster the better. But... READ MORE

Shifting of incisor into canine position and vice versa to deal with impacted canine? Will this procedure be successful?

At 34 I have my upper canines impacted. On the left side my orthodontist pulled my incisor into the canine space and he is now saying he cannot pull... READ MORE

Where can I find a dentist that is willing to do pro bono dental work in Dallas TX? (photos)

I am a 29 year old who is lossing her teeth at a rapid pace. I have never done any drugs or alcohol but due to the lack of dental i received as a... READ MORE

I'm 30 years old and meds I was on ate my teeth and want save fix them. Any suggestions? (photos)

I went 3 different dentist 2 said pull one said they save do root canals n fillings but one said had long roots the one that wanted pull them idk what... READ MORE

Can this chip be fixed enough so it won't be noticeable? Do you think it could be filed? (photos)

She's 25 and stationed across the country. This is a bridge implant. She is home for 2 weeks before she deploys. Do you think a cosmetics dentistry... READ MORE

I have a front loose tooth. Will I lose it? (photo)

I am a 27 year old female. I do not smoke. I have been told I need root scaling. Since I have been told that, I have been flossing, rinsing with... READ MORE

Does the nevada expanded medicaid cover fillings for adults?

I need a dentist whether or not the nevada expanded medicaid covers dental fillings for adults. The tooth i'm most concerned with is an upper central... READ MORE

Painful Molar Under Bridge. Retreat or Extraction? 33 Yrs Old (photo)

10yrs ago had molar pulled (multiple abscesses) and a bridge created. 10 months ago bridge cracked, new dentist replaced it. 6 months later tooth... READ MORE

Is there a pro bono dentist in Mississippi?

My 30 yr old daughter is in need of SEVERE dental work. She is the mother of two small boys and works very hard as a vet tech, but she cannot afford... READ MORE

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