Teeth Grinding On One Side? (photo)

I've always "grinded" my teeth ( I was told I did so as a child). I'm 29, have been buying guards (I chew through them, take them off sleep) since age 21. I asked my dentist as to why I only wear down right side, he replied " no one is symmetrical". Yes NO one is, but I am witnessing the right side getting more cracked, and flatter and flatter. Guards do nothing, they are a temporary fix. I think my teeth are becoming clear too because of this wear and tear. What can I do?

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Tooth Wear from Grinding

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Hi, thanks for your question.  Seeing a neuromuscular dentist will help you determine where your natural "bite" (how your teeth come together) should be.  They will discuss treatment options and the process of restoring your bite to where it should be, to alleviate the grinding you've been experiencing as a result of your teeth's present position.  Making sure that your neuromuscular dentist is experienced in this type of treatment will help to ensure an optimal outcome for you.  Good luck!

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Grinding teeth ?

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I would suggest you consider neuromuscular dentistry to find out where your bite should be and go from their if your bite is off you tmj is not working correctly and jaw problems could be a future problem good luck



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