I've had a dead tooth since I was a teenager. DDS recommended root canal. Is it really necessary?

I've had a dead tooth since I was at least 16. I am 31 now and my new DDS is recommending I get a root canal (it is my front tooth). Is it really necessary?

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Dead front tooth

If your tooth is darkening or has a cyst at the end of the root then a root canal would be indicated. If you elect not to get a root canal since it is apparently not hurting you then in my practice we would monitor it with an xray every year and a half. If a cyst begins to develop then get the root canal. At some time in your life, a root canal will most likely be needed. Hope this helps. :)

Root canal?

did your dentist give you a reason for suggesting a root canal now? Are you having pain? Is there an abscess or swelling? Ask your dentist for more information. If you are still uncomfortable with the response get a second opinion. 

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