Should I Get a New Composite Filling or Veneer?

I chipped my front tooth when I was 18, and it was repaired with a composite filling, now 31 it's time to have it replaced. The last years I have been tired of the filling flaking + having visible edges (feel it easily with my tung as well). That makes me want to have a porcelain veener instead. But I am afraid I will be just as irritated with the edge between the gumline/real tooth and a veener. Will a skilled dentist fit the veneer so good that I can not see nor feel the edge of it by the gumline?

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It Depends?

Either on may be the right choice. First, have your dentist determine if you grind or clench your teeth. If you are a grinder or clencher, the veneer can come off just as easy.

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Composite or veneer?

I feel the composite will look better last longer if done correctly. Even though the cost is more you maybe happier with the results good luck



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