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How to Eliminate Fat Pads by Knees?

Will fat pads behind &side of knee be elimited with a thigh lift & will lipo cause spider veins in that area as well? Had a lower body and a... READ MORE

Thigh Lift Scar on Knee Area?

Can the Thigh lift scar be put in the knee area? READ MORE

Should Inner Thighplasty Be Done First?

I plan on having an inner thighplasty with the long incision to the knee. And I also plan on having a Butt Lift (with augmentation) and outer thigh... READ MORE

Would getting a thigh lift help with skin starting to sag around my knees?

I'm interested in a thigh lift procedure . I have some excess skin that won't go away with exercise. I did lose 60 lbs awhile back. But I wanted to... READ MORE

Why do doctors do thigh lift surgery that leaves scars but doesn't suggest knee lift? (Photo)

I am 45 with loose skin around and above the knees. Every Doctor says not to have a knee lift because of the scars but they preform thigh lift surgery... READ MORE

Will an inner thigh lift also help the loose skin above my knees?

I'm at my right weight and I have healthy eating habits. I have cellulite and loose skin all over my thighs. The rest of my body is is great shape. My... READ MORE

Can I get a leg lift after weight loss?

I lost 100 pounds with lap and and saw a plastic surgeon for a leg lift. He said one wouldn't be a let to do it. I've see people who've lost more than... READ MORE

Best procedure for thinner thighs? Had medial thigh lift approx 10 years ago. (photos)

I had a medial thigh lift approx 10 years ago after losing approx 6 stone in weight however this procedure didn't make a major improvement, and I have... READ MORE

What is this lump on the inside of my knee after a thighplasty? (photo)

I'm 5 weeks post op from thighplasty and TT. I noticed this lump 2 weeks out. Doc said it was excess fluid but should go away with compression suit... READ MORE

Help! Knees and thighs (photo)

Any way to smooth, sculptor these knees? I'm 5.2 Knee 16 in, hanging ugly fat thighs. READ MORE

What is best cut for inner thigh lift?

I lost some weight and I am 60+ so I have sagy inner thigh I asked a plastic surgeon to have a lift and tighten it he said we will do it bikini cut, I... READ MORE

Knot near my knee at incision size of tennis ball after thigh lift. What is it and how does it go away? Does not hurt (Photo)

Had thigh lift 3/7/15 and the hard knot near my knee at incision is not going away. Is it scar tissue? How do I get it to go away? READ MORE

knee and thigh, body lift. (photo)

I want a knee lipo, reduction and thigh lift. Help. Has ruin my life for years.. just getting worst. Help. see photo attached READ MORE

How would a posterior thigh lift benefit saggy lax skin knees to buttocks?

Full thigh lift ruled out because of long scars, Cellulaze failed front and back x2 a procedures front and back very painful time consuming and... READ MORE

Is there a way to get a thigh lift with out the long scar down the inner thigh?

I have fat knees and inner thighs. Would lipo suction be enough? Is there a mini thigh lift? The long scar that I see with the thigh lifts on here is... READ MORE

1 mo ago I had a medical thigh lift with great results, but extra skin is left on my upper knee. How can it be removed? (photo)

It's was very great result for the thigh part...But not for the knee part....I still have extra skin on the upper part of knee and in the middeal part... READ MORE

Can the incision go further to get rid of more fat by my knees without having to redo the lift, or is lipo an option? (Photo)

I had a thigh lift exactly 1 wk ago today. I am happy with the results in my thigh area, but feel like he could have made the incision a little... READ MORE

Pain all over body where cosmetic procedures were not done: neck, head, chest and upper back. (Photo)

Yesterday, I had a thigh lift and liposuction to the knees, outter legs and hip (flanks) area. My concern, ( I knew I'd be in pain the in the areas... READ MORE

I have lost 50 kilo's and I have sagging skin over knees after a thigh lift. What can be done?

I have had a thigh lift but I'm not quite happy with it because in front view, the skin of the upper legs seems to droop over my kneecaps. What would... READ MORE

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