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Will Smart Lipo Tighten my Inner Thighs Enough to Avoid Thigh Lift? (photo)

I am 59, 5'5" and weigh 148 lbs. I have always had saggy inner thighs and I hate them. 25 yrs ago I had a groin lift, but that is no longer holding. I... READ MORE

Can a Woman in Her 60s Have a Medial Thigh Lift?

Can women in their sixties, in good health have extensive procedures such as medial thigh lift with excess skin being excised? Are plastic surgeons... READ MORE

What is the Cost for an Inner and Outer Thigh Lift?

Have always "hated" my legs. as I get older, realize they were not so bad after all, but now have lost a lot of weight. Sagging skin both on the... READ MORE

Would a groin incision thigh lift give me okay results. (photo)

5'2 - 120 # RNY 10/2013 weight loss 80#. I am almost 60. Work out with weights . The third photo shows me pulling up thigh skin with my elbow while... READ MORE

I am experiencing a lot of edema in my feet and lower legs 2 months post op from a long thigh lift. Is this normal?

My right knee has a knot where it is inflamed, my left leg is now swelling too. I elevate my legs when I sit and lay down but after being on bedrest... READ MORE

What is best cut for inner thigh lift?

I lost some weight and I am 60+ so I have sagy inner thigh I asked a plastic surgeon to have a lift and tighten it he said we will do it bikini cut, I... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Medial Thighplasty Wound Care? (photos)

I am a 57 yo Black female 3 weeks post medial thighplasty. My previous surgeries have left dark raised scars. I'd like to be proactive to assure a... READ MORE

9 years after weight surgery - is it to late to remove skin from my horrible looking legs? Age 61.

Price and healing are my worries. I have a pace maker but other wise healty. Excess skin making walking hard and lower back pain,now in pain... READ MORE

Thigh lift efficacy for loose skin on very slim 58 year old: is this a viable option? (Photo)

As I get older, the skin gets looser- and I'm considering the above in an effort to improve the look of my legs. Overall, I am slim and fit, but could... READ MORE

I had lip to saddlebags, inner thighs & knees 20 years ago. Can I have a vertical or horizontal lift? (Photo)

Is one preferable to the other after previous liposuction? I gained and lost 25 lbs in the 20 years and also now have an area of "fat necrosis" on my... READ MORE

Do mild LE lymphedema and varicose veins preclude a thigh lift?

I'm 64 and have mild lymphedema on the lower half of my right leg that I treat with compression stockings, as well as a few varicose veins on both... READ MORE

Is there a thigh lift? Best case scenario, lift it to make my flat butt more shapely? (photos)

I am thin and active and 61. My legs have gotten so crepy and saggy I can't wear shorts or go to beach and am feeling like life is over. I was never... READ MORE

Are there thigh lift altermatives available?

I am a 5 ' 2", 58 yo male, started out at 350 lbs with a 160 goal, currently down 100 lbs. I am diabetic and have had endovenous ablation due to cvi... READ MORE

55 year old wants to have a leg tuck, lift. I'm not sure but I hate the way my legs look.

I have had a Tummytuck, BA, BL and lipo one year ago this past April. I'm so very happy with the results. Now that I have this amazing upper body my... READ MORE

56 years old, slender-average build. What one surgery can be done for my thighs? (Photo)

I am most conscience of the outside and back, and the bumps but am realistic & want 1 process to improve them enough to accept being in a bathing suit... READ MORE

Inner thigh lift swelling 14 months post op?

I'm almost 14 months post op from inner thigh lift surgery. Surgery went well & the surgeon did a great job. Swelling is still an issue. The... READ MORE

58, went from 243lbs to 130 after gastric bypass 2 years ago. Had breast augmentation, lift & tummy tuck. Thighs are sagging?

My thighs are sagging very badly and drooping down on my knees. Will a thigh lift fix this enough to be satisfied? I just need to know if it will be... READ MORE

I want to get a thigh lift and would like to find the most qualified surgeon to do it?

I had cool sculpting on my inner thighs and it worked so well I have sagging skin there. I'm 58 yrs old so it isn't going to get any better without... READ MORE

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