Can a Woman in Her 60s Have a Medial Thigh Lift?

Can women in their sixties, in good health have extensive procedures such as medial thigh lift with excess skin being excised? Are plastic surgeons reluctant to operate on patients in their sixties when procedures are in excess of 3 hours even if patients are in good health?

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Age is not a factor in cosmetic surgery

Age is not a factor in cosmetic surgery. More important is your current health. 60's are the new 40's so dont be afraid to have procedures. It is important to have a board certified plastic surgeon evaluate you desires and goals. It is alo important to make sure the doctor takes all precautions to maximize your safety before, during and after the surgery.

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Surgery can be safely performed in women 60 years and older

You're still so young!  As long as you don't have any other health problems limiting you as to the amount of surgery and anesthesia that you can get, age does not really play a role in deciding whether or not you can have surgery.

Thigh lift in 60's

It is perfectly reasonable to offer a thigh lift to someone who needs it in their 60's just as long as that person is healthy.

Steven Wallach, MD
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In considering candidates for cosmetic surgery, a person's chronological age

is not the most important consideration, but rather what I like to call the physiological age.  In general, a 60 year old non smoker in excellent health is a better candiadte for surgery that a 30 year old diabetic smoker. Specifically as it relates to thigh lift surgery, the chronological age is less important in determining the cosmetic result than in procedures such as liposuction.  The reason for this difference is that whenever we are able to remove any extra skin, or previous scars, the result is not dependent on how the patient's "older" skin responds to the stress of surgery.  I would encourage you to consult with a surgeon experienced in thigh lift surgery to determine if you are a good candidate, but I believe it is definitely worth a discussion if you are bothered by excess, hanging skin in your thighs.

Michael H. Rosenberg, MD
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Body contouring in older patients

There is no age restrictions with body contouring surgery. It can safely be done at almost any age, especially in 60's! I usually take other precuations if it is an extended procedure or I combine procedures by having the patient donate a unit of their own blood which I return to them at surgery and overnight stay. I am president of the American Society of Bariatric Plastic Surgeons and body contouring is one of my specialties. Visit my site and watch the videos,news clips of Discovery and medial thigh plasty.

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Age is Just a Number

What really matters is any health conditions you may have.  I have performed at least 5 body lifts in individuals over the age of 60.  Proper medical clearance, and using a facility with the proper level of care is my standard approach to success.

John LoMonaco, MD, FACS
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Health Status Prior to Medial Thigh Lift Surgery

When evaluating patients for thigh lift surgery, we're far more concerned about biologic age than chronologic age. There are many patients who are biologically much younger than their stated age. These patients have taken good care of themselves by eating right and exercising regularly. Not only are they more healthy, but they seem to be younger at heart. They lead very active lives and have busy schedules. For these reasons, an age of 60 is not necessarily a contraindication to proceeding with surgery.

It's obviously important for anyone older than fifty to have a comprehensive medical evaluation before proceeding. This should include a physical examination, EKG and laboratory studies. Clearance from their primary care physician is a requirement. Thigh lift surgery in this group is associated with high satisfaction rates.

Richard J. Bruneteau, MD
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If you are healthy....


The surgery can be successfully performed in older patients as long as they are healthy. Sixty isn't all that old anymore. :)



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