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Treatment for Stubborn Sun Damage on Neck?

I had sun damage (brown spots) on my neck and forearms treated 2 years ago with IPL (4 treatments). My arms responded great, but my neck only... READ MORE

Doctor did TCA peel on chest and neck last year, it took months to heal. (Photo)

I now have wrinkles on chest and neck. Is their a treatment to correct? I'm devastated! READ MORE

20% TCA Peel on neck and chest. Will I scar? (Photo)

20% TCA peel performed at a dermatologist's office by an assistant, not by the doctor. Is this normal? Will I heal? Will I scar? These photos are from... READ MORE

Skin Peeled, but No Results?

I did a 25% TCA peel on my face, neck and décolleté. I did the peel at home, and got beautiful results on my neck and décolleté. Even though my fac... READ MORE

Did 30% TCA peel on neck 6 days ago and now after peeling, my complete neck is hyper pigmented. Any suggestions? (photo)

I am a 30 yrs old indian male with brown skin, After the 30% tca peel, my neck is even darker. Is this normal? does the skin will correct in a few... READ MORE

Can I use 25% TCA peel on my neck, shoulders and legs? If not, which peel is the best for hyperpigmentation on body?

Dear doctors, I have gotten some hyper pigmentation spots from my laser hair removal treatment from the cryogen. please suggest the best chemical peel... READ MORE

Good hydroquinone alternatives to treat severe post inflammatory hyperpigmentation on neck after 30% TCA peel on Indian skin?

Skin type 5 got severe Post inflammatory Hyper-pigmentation on neck after 30% TCA peel. 4% Hydroquinone gives me dark spots, so what good Hydroquinone... READ MORE

I applied 10% TCA peel about 6 weeks ago to my face & neck, now my face is itchy & it is still peeling in some areas (Photo)

I've tried aveno calamine lotion, aveno baby wash, cortizone cream & aloe gel, unfortunately my face starts stinging when I apply any of them..Rinsing... READ MORE

Is it normal for my neck and around my mouth to have a raised rash 2 days after a TCA home peel? (Photo)

I had a 50% tca home peel.. the rash started small at about 18 hours after and now it's across my neck and around my mouth. I am scared also because... READ MORE

TCA Peel 30% on my neck. It left bright pink skin after peeling. How long will this pink skin last? Is this permanent? (Photo)

This was done 6 days ago and Everything was fine until it started peeling. With bright PINK skin under instead of my normal skin. I'm positive my neck... READ MORE

What to Do with Whiter Neck Skin After TCA Peel?

I applied a 20% TCA peel to my neck and face. Everything is working well in my face but on my neck, I got some scars. When it peeled, my skin is so... READ MORE

White Raised Areas After TCA Peel Cross

Thought I was carrying out TCA Peel Cross on some small ice pick acne scars, but when I read back over the method, I have done it completely wrong. I... READ MORE

Post-TCA Peel Herpes Lesions?

Even though taking meds I have developed what appears to be herpes lesions post TCA peel. My face was 35% and is healing nicely, However my chest and... READ MORE

Can my tca scarring be fixed with lasers? (photo)

I had a TCA peel on my neck and chest over a year ago. It has left me with pigmentation unevenness and textural changes, and my chest is much lighter... READ MORE

30% TCA peel to the neck left brown patches. Is this normal?

I had applied 30 % tca peel on neck d within 1min there was frosting and after neutralizing there are brown patches. Please help. READ MORE

Tca peel, now have allergic reaction day after peel. Any suggestions? (photos)

Tca peel 12% on Saturday. Sunday night became very itchy. Rash on my face and neck only. Take benedryl/ Allegra and ice for itchiness. Aquaphor for... READ MORE

I have mod. Hyper/hypo pig., mod. Acne scars on face, neck and chest. Would a series of 20-30% TCA peels be advantageous?

I had a medium depth TCA peel administered by a dermatologist approximately 20 years ago. I am not sure of the TCA percentage but it did take a full 2... READ MORE

posy inflamamtory hyperpigmentation on the neck

I am 21 years old and did a 15% tca peel 3 weeks ago, it was done by a dermatologist in the Philippines but after the process of peeling, dark spot... READ MORE

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