20% TCA Peel on neck and chest. Will I scar? (Photo)

20% TCA peel performed at a dermatologist's office by an assistant, not by the doctor. Is this normal? Will I heal? Will I scar? These photos are from day 4.

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20% TCA Peel on neck and chest. Will I scar? = unlikely #peel #tcapeel #chemicalpeel

Mild TCA chemical peel ( less than 30%) could rejuvenate the skin of the neck and anterior chest area.

TCA chemical peel haling involves that the kin becomes first dark, then it peels but he 2nd to 3rd day and the underlying skin remains pink to red (sometimes intense red) for average 7 days. When carefully performed, a TCA chemical peel should not leave an scar.

At day 4 post chemical peel is very difficult to determine if  a TCA chemical will leave an scar. 

Patients post TCA chemical peel should adhere to post-chemical peel instructions given by their doctors to assure an smooth recovery and excellent outcome

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TCA peel results

this is normal for TCA and the peeling should be improved with the right skin care. what will be important is the proper skin care and sun protection right now.  please speak to your dermatologist if you are concerned. I find that fraxel is better long term in this area. Best, Dr. Emer.

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