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SmartLipo Vs Lipo-Ex?

I have a layer of fat around my thighs. I have tried diet and exercise, but they don't work. I have been to see 2 different doctors in the area... READ MORE

Smart Lipo Thighs

I went to my Dr. and had a second consultation for the Smart Lipo procedure. I am not 100% sure if I am a good candidate for this and I left the... READ MORE

Can Smart Lipo Be Done in Same Areas Again?

I had Smart Lipo a year ago (inner/outer thighs, knees, flanks, lower abdomen). I wasn’t content (one leg bigger) with the results. I went for... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Butt, Hips and Thighs Through Smart Lipo?

I'm a Female who weighs 206lbs and am 5'6". Most of my fat is in my stomach and arms. I would like to get Smart Lipo but at the same time I would... READ MORE

When Will Swelling Decrease After Smart Lipo Treatment?

I am considering Smart Lipo on inner and outer thighs like almost immediately but I am going to go to Aruba approximately 12 days from surgey. I am... READ MORE

Advice on Smart Lipo Pros and Cons?

I am considering Smart Lipo for my abdomen and inner/outer thighs. I am nervous about whether this procedure is safe and produces the expected results... READ MORE

How is the recovery time with Smart Lipo; Swelling/Recovery?

Hi - I am getting smartlipo done on my outer/inner thighs tomorrow. I am generally very thin except with abnormally big saddlebags/lowerbody. I will... READ MORE

Smart Lipo Triplex

I had smart lipo triplex 4 days ago on inner thighs and upper legs from knees to top. Very swollen right now and sore but minimal bruising. I can hear... READ MORE

Smart Lipo Vs Liposuction for Knees and Thighs?

I am about to have Liposuction on my knees and thighs. Although I have lost weight and toned up my legs they are still considerably 'flabby'... READ MORE

Is Smart Lipo Recommended for Weight Loss Patient?

I am an active and fit 34 year old mum of 2. 20 years ago I lost 90lbs and except for my two pregnancies - I have managed through diet and exercise to... READ MORE

Indentations from Compression Garment.

I had smartlipo 5-6 days ago. The first two days after the surgery the compression garment indented itself into the back of my thigh (causing the kind... READ MORE

Thigh Smart Lipo, 1+ Year Post Op and Have Bumps/Lumps/Bruising? (photo)

I had a thigh Smart Lipo in December 2011.It's been over a year and I still have bumps and lumps and bruises! The doctor said that it would get better... READ MORE

How is the Pain and Bruising After Smart Lipo?

Hi, my name is Ana. I'm going to have Smart Lipo done on Dec. 18 on the love handles, banana roll and inside of my thighs. I'm scared because my... READ MORE

Can Smart Lipo Help Define Figure?

I am considering Smart Lipo. I am in good shape, but when I lose additional weight, my breasts and butt gets smaller, instead of my stomach and thighs... READ MORE

When Can I Expect Results from Smart Lipo and Mesotherapy?

I had Smart Lipo on my saddlebags 3 months ago. When I went in for my post-op 2 weeks ago, the doctor said he can see that the area still hasn't taken... READ MORE

After Smart Lipo Surgery, What is the Difference Between Weight Lost and Inches Lost? Which is Greater? (photo)

I keep seeing all these posts saying that after surgery no one is happy with the weight lose...but seeing before and after pics its a HUGE difference.... READ MORE

How Long to Wait to Exercise After Smartlipo?

I am scheduled for two Smartlipo procedures. One is my arms and the other is my thighs and buttocks. How long will I have to wait to do cardio on the... READ MORE

Are Smart Lipo Results the Same with Traditional Lipo?

I'm 23 yrs old 5'2" and weigh about 115 lbs. I exercise regularly and eat pretty healthy, but I hate my thighs and hips/lower back.I have a short... READ MORE

Divots and Unevenness in Thighs and Stomach-2 Wks Post Op?

I am 2 weeks post op from smartlipo on my stomach, inner thighs, love handles and flanks. Swelling and bruising are minimal, tummy is flat BUT divots... READ MORE

Lump, Swelling, and Seroma After Smart Lipo

I had Smart Lipo on my inner thighs and abdomen, and went back for my follow-up on September 2008. I told the doctor how unhappy I was with my upper... READ MORE

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