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Is Smart Lipo Under the Chin and Neck Painful?

I am having smart lipo on my chin and neck area in a couple of weeks. I need real honesty here. Is the procedure going to be painful under local... READ MORE

Treating Pain After Smartlipo

I had smartlipo on my arms and i didn't want to take vicodin for pain, can i take ibuprofen? READ MORE

Is Smart Lipo Painful?

I am getting Smart Lipo real soon. I heard the local anesthesia is horrifying. Is it really bad? I will be getting my hips, love handles, and flanks... READ MORE

Is Local Anesthesia for Smartlipo Pain Normal?

I recently had Smartlipo in my core area. It took about half an hour for the front and half an hour for the back to inject the local. I was told the... READ MORE

How is the Pain and Bruising After Smart Lipo?

Hi, my name is Ana. I'm going to have Smart Lipo done on Dec. 18 on the love handles, banana roll and inside of my thighs. I'm scared because my... READ MORE

Botched Smartlipo..what to Do Now???

I had Smartlipo done 2 1/2 years ago. My problems include: 1. One arm has a 'dent' and then a puff of fat at the top near armpit. This arm... READ MORE

How Do I Tell if I Have an Infection After Smartlipo?

I had Smartlipo Friday morning, last about 4 hours. They did upper and lower abd's, waist/flank. They took about 3700cc's. I have a very high... READ MORE

Fearful of Pain During Fully Awake Smart Lipo?

In early November I will having Smart Lipo on waist and abdomen. I will be fully awake and I am more afraid of pain during than the recovery! Is... READ MORE

Painful Lump in Chest After Vaser/Smart Lipo

It's now been three months since liposuction (Vaser/SmartLipo)to reduce my chest. Since the 2 month mark my right nipple has become increasingly... READ MORE

Tingling and Severe Pain After Smart Lipo Normal?

Is it normal to have tingling and severe pain in the thigh area four weeks after Smart Lipo? READ MORE

Skin Hurts to Touch After Smart Lipo

I had Smart Lipo on Feb. 9th on my upper and lower abs, and my skin still HURTS to touch it. Is this normal, and is there anything I can do to help it? READ MORE

Is Smart Lipo Touch Up More Painful?

I had smart lipo about a year ago and will be going in for a touch up. Is the touch up more painful? I've read some posts that say it is and some... READ MORE

Extreme Pain Normal 4 Days After Smart Lipo?

I have extreme pain around my waist and it hurts mostly on my back. I had waist and outer thighs done with Smart Lipo 4 days ago. The other areas are... READ MORE

How Painful is Smart Lipo Procedure?

I'm going in for Smart Lipo of the chin and abs tomorrow and I can't stop my teeth from chattering. Don't know why I'm so nervous. Is it as painful as... READ MORE

Recurring Fluid Collection After Smart Lipo

On 3/24, I had Smart Lipo done on my saddlebags and banana rolls. I was drained after procedure, drained again the next day, and by Friday, (3/28) I... READ MORE

I Have Bad Burning Pain on Stomach and Flanks After 8 Wks from Smart Lipo. Doc Said I Shouln't Be Still Hurting?

He Ordered voltaren gel. It is not working at all. He said steroids would be next. I do not want to take steroids based on my previous experiences... READ MORE

Is Burning Pain Normal After Smart Lipo?

I had traditional lipo 6 months before in abdominal area. I was told there would be a revision. Instead, I went to another doctor for smart lipo, but... READ MORE

2 Months After Arm Smart Lipo

I had arm smart lipo 2 months ago. My major concern is that it still hurts when I masagge and the middle section of the arms is still hard and looks... READ MORE

How to Fix Smartlipo Arm Dent & Pain and Bumpy Abs

I had smart lipo almost three years ago. I have these problems: 1. A 'dent' in my upper arm they went too close to the muscle then it... READ MORE

How Much Pain to Expect from Smart Lipo Under General Anesthesia?

Iam getting Smart Lipo on my upper and lower adominals, and flanks, but I am only doing general anesthesia. What type of pain should I expect? READ MORE

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