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Sculptra Under Eyes?

I had two vials of sculptra injected into my cheek area just under my eyes. Now my eyes look swollen because the malar bags are like pillows where he... READ MORE

Why Can't Too Much Sculptra Be Removed with Liposcution?

My face has too much volume after 3 weeks. It looks puffy and swollen like I had my wisdom teeth pulled or something. I am a 52 year old male READ MORE

I Have Had 3 Series of Sculptra over the Past 6 Mos and I Am Very Concerned?

My face is rather long and now my jaw is very pronounced. It looks very square. In addition, I seem to be swollen on one side of my jaw. It looks as... READ MORE

Could Tearing in Eye Be a Result of Sculptra Injections?

I had 1 injection of sculptra and a few weeks later my eye was swollen and red for a long time, under my cheeks are lumpy, epecially in the morning.... READ MORE

Swollen Painful Joints from Sculptra?

I'm almost 50 and losing facial volume. I decided to try Sculptra. Although my face does look better I have had extremely swollen painful joints in my... READ MORE

Can Sculptra do an uplift or simply add volume?

I've just have my 1st 2 vials of sculptra injected a few days ago, and I find my lower face is too puffy. I do not see any uplift at all but a... READ MORE

Swollen 2 weeks after Sculptra injections, what should I do? (photos)

I had sculptra in cheek bones. Going on 2 weeks and my husbands even asked if I got cheek implants becuz cheeks n eyes are swollen. I look the Jim... READ MORE

Sculptra Edema?

I am 17 months post Sculptra. Although the volume is slowly decreasing, the treated areas are still swollen from edema. My face is not balanced, puffy... READ MORE

I did one vial of sculptra one week ago. I'm still swollen when I smile. Is this normal?

I did one vial of scuptra diluted with water al,over the sidesof my face a week ago. this week my face is swollen when i smile. i am scared and not... READ MORE

Injected Sculptra 12 days ago. Now I have a swollen red lymph node.

I injected one vial of sculptra 10 days ago. only on the sides and jaw. now on the area near the chin at the injection site i have a swelling and a... READ MORE

Face looks way too rounded and I do see some heaviness in my lower face after 1st session of Sculptra. Any suggestions?

35 yo male. Had my 1st vial of Sculptra injected into my cheeks 2 days ago. Wonder if the final result will be similar to the swollen look I have now... READ MORE

I had sculptra 2 wks ago and my face is swollen and puffy. Is this normal?

I have strange numbing type feeling on the cheeks. My face pre sculptra had slightly hollow cheeks and sag but now it's puffy. is this normal.and will... READ MORE

Can Sculptra be done with swollen lymph nodes in my neck?

Hello, I am a male of 38 years old. My both cheeks are sunken(hollow). I am considering Sculptra but I have swollen lymph nodes on both sides of my... READ MORE

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