Injected Sculptra 12 days ago. Now I have a swollen red lymph node.

i injected one vial of sculptra 10 days ago. only on the sides and jaw. now on the area near the chin at the injection site i have a swelling and a red area in one point. my jaw looks heavy. it has bern like this for two days. my internist said i have a swollen lymph node and gave me amoxicillin. What are the chances of biofilm infection? he said it is impossible for sculptra to cause biofilm infection, but i read otherwise. my dermatologist told me it was hematoma, but that was ruled out today.

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Sculptra injections in Los Angeles

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Lymph nodes can flare up because of a number of conditions. Speak to your injector and discuss the need for immediate antibiotics or observation.


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Sculptra and side effects

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Sculptra is a gradual process of injections that aids your body to produce new collagen.  I love sculptra because you can inject one vial at a time for a slow natural looking appearance.  If the area that you are speaking about is still red after your course of antibiotics I would return to your treating physician for examination.  For the best results please consult a board certified dermatologist with years of experience with Sculptra.

Lump after sculptra

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If it is not improving, see your doctor again.  It is most likely bruising from the injection, rather than the scuptra material itself.  Sculptra stimulates collagen gently over the ensuing several months.  A nodule can occur but usually that is after several weeks, if there is too much collagen stimulated in one area.  A biofilm is possible with any injectable implant but less likely with Sculptra and this is not the typical presentation for biofilm infection.  See your doctor or an injection specialist who is very familiar with Sculptra for another opinion if this hasn't resolved.

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