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Sculptra Treatment Caused Puffiness on Upper Cheek Under Eyes, Now What?

I had my third sculptra treatment in my temples and cheeks 3 weeks ago. Started in April, ended in August. I was very pleased with the results until... READ MORE

Fat and Puffy Sculptra - Results or Swelling?

I went to my derm to enhance the cheek below the bone 1 month ago, i stated clearly that i want a subtle change, i have very prominent cheek bones ( I... READ MORE

Swollen Under Eye and Cheek area 6 Weeks After Sculptra

My derm injected me 2cc sulptra as a touch up over a area which was treaded one year ago with sculptra and actually was perfect, he ignored my... READ MORE

Why Can't Too Much Sculptra Be Removed with Liposcution?

My face has too much volume after 3 weeks. It looks puffy and swollen like I had my wisdom teeth pulled or something. I am a 52 year old male READ MORE

Can collagenese be used to help with sculptra overfill 5 weeks after injections?

I have had 3 rounds of sculptra. One vile at each of the first 2 rounds and a third round in my lower face using 1/2 a vile. I didn't notice much... READ MORE

Botched Ultherapy causing extreme fat loss. Can Sculptra help restore my face and its contours without looking puffy? (Photo)

Had Ultherapy on 09/28/15 & sadly Dr.Torgerson & RN Michelle performed the treatment incorrectly & refuse to help saying this is normal aging. Same... READ MORE

Does Sculptra collagen ever leave? It's been 2 years since I had 4 vials spread out over the course of 3 months.

The collagen produced a very bottom heavy face and I'm not very old, but due to the placement my face still remains puffy and bottom heavy. Is there... READ MORE

I had sculptra 2 wks ago and my face is swollen and puffy. Is this normal?

I have strange numbing type feeling on the cheeks. My face pre sculptra had slightly hollow cheeks and sag but now it's puffy. is this normal.and will... READ MORE

Does all the Sculptra and newly-stimulated collagen growth ever disappear completely from your face?

Does all the Scuptra and newly-stimulated collagen growth ever disappear completely from your face..or are some of the rresults permanent? My doctor... READ MORE

I'm 8 weeks post Sculptra. Is it normal to have swelling and puffiness at this stage?

This was my first injection and 1 vial has been injected to cheeks , smile lines and also lower face. But my face looks very puffy on some days and... READ MORE

Would Sculptra in the cheeks lift the area and give me more cheek definition? (photos)

Hello As you can see I have a slight droop to my mouth and I am fed up of people telling me I look miserable. My derm did do the botox/juve on the... READ MORE

3 weeks after Sculptra my face is huge and so puffy I can hardly open my eyes. I'm scared and distraught. (photos)

After the initial swelling from the treatment went down, I looked more or less normal. Now after 3 weeks my face seems to be getting puffier by the... READ MORE

Should swelling and puffiness constantly come back after Sculptra injection?

I'm 3 months out of the first Sculptra injection(1 vial for cheeks, fine lines and lower face) ). However, I've already got three kenalog shots since... READ MORE

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