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Hard Bumps After Sculptra on Forehead

I had the injection done on my temples and forehead about 11 days ago. After the swelling and bruising went away, I was left with two very hard and... READ MORE

Will Prednisone Help with Swelling and Pain from Sculptra?

I have been experiencing a lot of pain and swelling on one side of my face for three weeks after Sculptra. Would a course of Prednisone help? READ MORE

Sculptra - How Much Pain After Anesthesia Wears Off?

I am concerned as I have read a report on there being "extreme pain" after everything wore off which really frightened me. Also on the... READ MORE

Sculptra - Jaw pain after injection, difficulty eating and chewing. How long will this last?

I am a 47 year old female who had Sculptra injected into my temples by a Board. Certified Plastic Surgeon almost 48 hours ago. Since the injection, I... READ MORE

Pain Relief for Chronic Nerve Pain Caused by Sculptra?

I have been trying to deal with chronic nerve pain from Sculptra injections. This surgeon, I could feel was wrestling to get the needle out by my... READ MORE

When Should I Start to Worry? One Week Post Injection Sculptra? (photo)

Due to relocation, I decided to try a local well-known dermatologist for the first time (my 5th treatment). The vein above the eye bulged immediately,... READ MORE

Sculptra Granulomas Biofilm?

Sculptra was injected improperly by a board certified PS in 2008. I still have painful nodules under my right eye and they swell and hurt. I was told... READ MORE

Will Not Pre-mixing Sculptra Cause Problems?

I would like to know if not pre-mixing the Sculptra powder 2 hours prior can cause problems down the road for me?I also expected it to be painful as I... READ MORE

How Common is Swelling from Sculptra for Acne Scar Treatment?

Are there any negative side effects, such as pain or swelling, when using Sculptra to correct or conceal acne scars? If so, how long will these side... READ MORE

Sculptra Causing Throbbing Against Sinus Cavity

I recently had sculptra done and I am experiencing throbbing against my sinus cavity. Is this common and what do you recommend for relief? READ MORE

Lump Around my Tear Trough, And It's Painful After my Sculptra Injection. Why?

I find there is a lump around my tear trough on my left and it's painful too. But when I pushed it hard eventually it's gone but maybe a min... READ MORE

Sculptra Injection Caused Cheekbone Pain

My last Sculptra injection caused cheekbone pain, now partial numbness under my right eye. What can I do? I massaged as directed after the procedure.... READ MORE

Second Round of Sculptra 3 Weeks Ago. Experiencing Complications?

About 3 weeks ago got second round of injections (another 2 vials). About 1 week ago started feeling a throbbing in my face and pain around the... READ MORE

Sculptra Mixed at Time of Injection, Did I Waste my Money?

Doctor had nurse shaking vials vigorously for a long time, I could see bubles and sand like substance on bottom, Doctor proceeded to inject with... READ MORE

Delayed Onset of Nodules? Why Is Information About Sculptra So Variable?

Why am I reading so much different information about Sculptra? I have experienced inflammatory sculptra nodules and if the "natural product"... READ MORE

Sculptra Pain Medication?

I am considering 2 vials of Sculptra to my cheeks and jawline for my inital treatment. What is the best pain med. that could be taken to endure the... READ MORE

Are Pain and Discoloration from Sculptra Normal and Permanent? Mine Has Lasted 11 Months. How Should It Be Treated? (photo)

My sculptra was injected in the mouth. The inside of my mouth burns and on my face i have discoloration. READ MORE

How to remove sculptra filler from lips ?

Few years back I had my bottom lip done for little fullness, didn't ask what was injected in my lip, I noticed my lip wasn't getting any smaller but... READ MORE

I had Sculptra injections. Grandulumas, swelling and pain. I was injected during a mini facelift. Would this cause neg result?

I have a mini facelift, chemical peel, corners of mouth turned up and lipo neck at the same time. I Have RA, been on steroids 7years and WAS a smoker... READ MORE

Is it possible to get these painful, disfiguring clumps of Sculptra out of my lips? Lower lip is the most painful.

Obviously I know the b.c.p.s. had no knowledge of what he was injecting/implanting. Is there any way to excise. The material is mostly in the lower... READ MORE

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