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Hate Sculptra Results... Dermatologist Used 2CC in Each Cheek!

I posted before that 1 month after the injection i have huge cheek and temple area and the natural shape of my face has changed (i naturaly have round... READ MORE

Overfilled Sculptra: How Long Before I Can Begin Getting a Top-Up?

I looked so lovely after 7 vials - a year later I fussed about a jowl so the doctor did an 8th vial over my cheekbones to lift the jowl. It made my... READ MORE

Hate Sculptra Results...4 Weeks! Would Kenalog or 5FU Help?

4 weeks now since my sculptra treatment for cheek changed completely my looks.I have naturally a fine, sweet face,(asian shape, wide, small... READ MORE

Is it True that Sculptra Causes Natural Formation of Collagen? What if too much was Injected?

If the collagen formed by sculptra is just normal bodily collagen, why would it go down in 2 or 3 years? I had too much sculptra which altered my face... READ MORE

How long does Sculptra take to work? I've had two treatments over 2 months and my face already looks puffy and 'over-filled'.

I had my first Sculptra treatment 2 months ago (1.5 vials) injected into my temples and upper cheeks. I then had my second treatment (1.5 vials) four... READ MORE

First treatment Sculptra overfilled and don't like the result

I'm 28 yrs old now. I've got my first Sculptra injection on my cheeks and lower face 3 weeks ago. I had to say I hate the puffy looking on my lower... READ MORE

Sculptra: Can I Achieve Less of a Result in Future?

I have had too much sculptra and preferred it when I had less. Will I ever be able to achieve my prior lesser effect or is there an underlying... READ MORE

Can collagenese be used to help with sculptra overfill 5 weeks after injections?

I have had 3 rounds of sculptra. One vile at each of the first 2 rounds and a third round in my lower face using 1/2 a vile. I didn't notice much... READ MORE

How Can I Prevent Sculptra Springing Back to This Effect in Future?

I hear that sculptra only needs a top up to spring back to it's previous effect. I was over-filled. How long do I have to wait to make sure... READ MORE

Why Are Sculptra Inections Spaced 6-8 Weeks Apart?

If it takes sculptra 4-6 months to peak why are injections spaced 6-8 weeks apart, would it not be better to wait 6 months before next injection so... READ MORE

Can ablative laser correct Sculptra overfill?

After having a third treatment of Sculptra, I ended up rather overfilled. Can ablative or non-ablative laser destroy Sculptra, even a little? Can you,... READ MORE

Is 2 vials of sculptra one in each cheek an ok amount as I don't want overfilled cheeks?

Is 2 vials of sculptra one in each cheek an acceptable amount to start as I don't want overfilled chipmunk cheeks. READ MORE

Can oral Methylprednisolone help with Sculptra overfill?

I have not been offered this option, but should I seek it? I am 18 months in, but the collagen is still growing like crazy because I am very young... READ MORE

Concerned about recent Sculptra injection, what is correlation of immediate look after inject to final result of growth?

I had 1 vial of Sculptra injected 2 days ago. I only wanted fullness in apples of my cheeks. That day & today I see an overfilled unnatural... READ MORE

Methylprednisolone to treat overfill of Sculptra. Worked very well but after I stopped taking it, face is full again!

45ys. 3 vials sculptra 6mon ago. It was ok till 20days ago my face puffed up horribly within 10days! Dr gave me oral steroids. My face went down a lot... READ MORE

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