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Sculptra vs Voluma vs Restylane Lyft? (Photo)

My lower face is thin and I want to add more volume. I like the idea that Voluma and Restylane are both hyaluronic acid and can be reversed. But I... READ MORE

First treatment Sculptra overfilled and don't like the result

I'm 28 yrs old now. I've got my first Sculptra injection on my cheeks and lower face 3 weeks ago. I had to say I hate the puffy looking on my lower... READ MORE

Can I use collagenase injection to dissolve Sculptra(or new collagen)?

It's almost 9 weeks after my first Sculptra injection, I don't have lumps or nodules but just very depressed with too much volume added.(just got 1... READ MORE

Can I have Sculptra after having Exilis? (photo)

I had 4 Exilis treatments done on my neck and lower face, last treatment was completed April 14 no improvement, can I use Sculptra after using Exilis?... READ MORE

Sculptra vs. Voluma for lower face?

I have a bit of volume loss under my eyes & lower face. Main concern in lower face is some hollowness that is starting to become a bit more obvious. I... READ MORE

Is Sculptra supposed to be filler of choice to help regain volume to the lower face? Voluma was recommended

But PS injected upper face vs. sub malar & below where I'd said I wanted a bit of "re-inflation". Other PSs said Sculptra was the far superior filler... READ MORE

After the first treatment of Sculptra, I hate the result

I'm 28 yrs old. I've got my first sculptra injection on cheeks and lower face 3 weeks ago. My lower face is obviously becomes puffy now , I was born... READ MORE

Is Sculptra the best treatment for lower face volume loss? In combo, what is the best treatment for overall tightening in combo?

I'm 32 - always been thin but face has gone from heart-shaped, to long & hollow, particularly the lower half. My jawline is also less sharp, & there... READ MORE

Face looks way too rounded and I do see some heaviness in my lower face after 1st session of Sculptra. Any suggestions?

35 yo male. Had my 1st vial of Sculptra injected into my cheeks 2 days ago. Wonder if the final result will be similar to the swollen look I have now... READ MORE

Will sculptra make me look softer? (Photo)

I had ultherapy done about 7 months ago. I believe it has caused volume loss or made my volume loss more obvious I believe the volume loss is more... READ MORE

Can Sculptra create fullness into areas that haven't been injected? Does it travel? Can I continue the treatment w/ another PS?

After my first injection, I noticed some fullness in my lower face, but it was injected on cheeks only. Had 1 vial so far,but for a series of reasons... READ MORE

What would be my best course of non surgery for these awful wrinkles? (photo)

Just wanting to know if sculptra would work for my lower face area? Also wanting to know what fillers would work on my cheek area. Am I to far gone... READ MORE

2 months out of Sculptra, but swelling every morning! Do I have an infection?

8 weeks out of Sculptra, 1 vial of product had been injected into my cheeks,smile lines,and lower face. It was my first treatment. But every morning I... READ MORE

Sculptra - extreme puffy face and hardness at Injection sites. Massaging areas as instructed.

I had my first sculptura session three months ago, during which 2 vials were used to address my hollow cheeks. Within 3 days the swelling had subsided... READ MORE

When can I expect disastrous sculptra to recede?

I have disastrous sculptra results. Dermatologist injected my lower face, Joel area, chin line along with upper face. I went to get help with jowls... READ MORE

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