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How long does the nose stay stiff, tight and sore after surgery? I'm 4 weeks from surgery (photo)

I had Rhinoplasty 4 weeks ago. I believe cartilage was trimmed and permanent sutures used, but I didn't have work done to the bridge. The tip still... READ MORE

Normal For Upper Lip Tightness 3 Months Post-Rhinoplasty?

It's been 3 months since my rhinoplasty, but my upper lip remains extremely tight. I think it's the junction where my lip meets my nose.... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty Patient. How Tight Should I Tape the Plaster?

Im 8 days post op (Im in Australia) my splint was removed yesterday and the nasal packaging as well. My doctor advised to wear plaster with some gauze... READ MORE

2 Weeks Post Septorhinoplasty - Haven't Been Able to Sleep Well Since?

I'm 20 year old male that just went for Septorhinoplasty with terbinate reduction about 2 weeks ago to improve breathing and fixing my little crooked... READ MORE

Is the tightness in skin between my eyes--when trying to lift eyebrows--common after septo/rhinoplasty-4 weeks post op?

Looked all over this site and cannot find anything on my concern. I'm 4 weeks post op from a septo/rhinoplasty. Breathing is great and it looks okay... READ MORE

Septorhinoplasty: Tape Too Tight-sores and Redness? (photo)

I had my septorhinoplasty 12 days ago. I was taped 5 days ago. Two days ago the tape was coming off due to the oils of my nose. I made a very stupid... READ MORE

Post 18 Months Septorhinoplasty Operation, Hard Lump in Middle 3rd,stiff/tight Skin and Burning in Nostrils. Probable Cause/fix?

I had the op 18 months ago,there are irregularies on the bone and left middle 3rd. The skin feels tight and stiff,I still have some difficulty smiling... READ MORE

Will I ever get my smile back, or feel completely normal again after rhinoplasty?

I had rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago and the doctor put permanent stitch to for narrowing my nostril. My question is if I have this stitch permanently will I... READ MORE

Short/tight upper lip after open rhino. Will this change with time?

I had an open rhinoplasty 38 days ago. The area underlying the external incision is tight, making it difficult to pull my upper lip down as when... READ MORE

Can yawning open the nasal tip sutures a week after rhinoplasty?

I felt a tight sensation through my nasal tip whenever I yawned through my nose (I couldn't stop it). Now when I yawn the tight sensation is gone.... READ MORE

18 months ago I had removal of a skin graft and a full rhinoplasty. Do I Need a Revision? (photo)

18 months ago I had removal of a skin graft and a full rhinoplasty.The skin was extremely tight post op and the stitches caused an indentation between... READ MORE

I'm 2 weeks post rhinoplasty surgery and my nose feels tight and blocked. Is this normal?

Ive had rhinoplasty about 2 weeks ago now everythin seemed to be ok but now at the very top of inside my nose feels tight and blocked is this normal READ MORE

Is nose bridge skin meant to be movable?

I had my rhinoplasty done 4 months ago and the skin on my nose bridge does not move over it when I touch it. Even when I raise my eye brows the skin... READ MORE

Is it possible to still have inflammation inside my nose 9 months after Septoplasty and Rhinoplasty? (photos)

I had surgery 9 month ago and my nose feels really dry, tight and stiff inside and out. I have a lot of discomfort inside, I feel a little of pressure... READ MORE

If my doctor put the cast on really tight and left uneven fingerprints in the cast will that affect the final results?

When my doctor put the cast on he left fingerprints in the mold of the cast. The cast was on pretty tight through out the 6 days postop. I am worried... READ MORE

1 month post op, I have a severe pain that started after septo-rhinoplasty with turbinectomy. Is this normal?

One month after the procedure, after making a smile, felt a severe pain, feeling of tightness of the muscles at the top of the mouth and nose, and... READ MORE

Does the scar tissue after open rhinoplasty cause the upper lip to be shorter?

My upper lip pulls on the skin on the columella. It is very tight and hurts. If I want to pronounce "B" and "P" sounds I have to force it down and it... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty with Upper lip lifting : tight and shrinking nostrils? (photos)

Hello, two weeks ago I had a rhinoplasty with an upper lip lifting. Everything was fine but my nostrils started to feel tight and they started to... READ MORE

Alarplasty scar is slightly itchy, tight and dry. Is it normal?

Today is my 13th day Alarplasty post-op. My nostrils are still swollen. I am concerned with the scar surrounding the incision. It is red and very dry.... READ MORE

What is the likelihood my lip fullness/smile have been altered post rhino and cinch sutures to reduce nostril flare? (photo)

My doc was either going to do an alar reduction or a "stitch technique" to reduce nasal flaring. It ended up being the cinch suture. After my cast was... READ MORE

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