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Have I Damaged my Nose Permanently by Squeezing Blackheads?

Hello, It has been 13 or 14 weeks since my surgery. I am really happy with the results but I had too many blackheads and I was so afraid to touch any... READ MORE

Does pinching your nose make it smaller and thinner?

My nose is too flat and ot looks very big i ve heart that sikwezing and pinching your nose with your two fingers would make it smaller and thinner is... READ MORE

How long will my nose take to heal? Can squeezing blackheads permanently make your nose bigger and change its shape?

Hi im 16 ,my friend squeezed blackheads from my nose rlly sharply ,i felt a very sharp pain on either side of my nose alas and i squeezed in the... READ MORE

Could I Have Damaged My Rhinoplasty After a Year By Squeezing Blackheads?

Hello, it's been almost a year since my surgery but there still is a little swelling, and it hurts sometimes. But because there are a lot of... READ MORE

Have I Damaged my Nose by Washing my Face and Squeezing a Few Pimples?

I got my cast removed 6 days ago and have been washing my face regularly since then. I have also squeezed a few pimples/blackheads on my nose!!! I am... READ MORE

Can One Reshape Cartilage Simply by Squeezing It One Month Post Rhinoplasty?

1 month after my open rhinoplasty to very slightly shorten and very slightly lift the tip of my nose I couldn't stop myself from gently squeezing... READ MORE

Did I Affect my Nose from Squeezing the Sides?

I was in the shower and I got soap in my eyes. Not thinking about my nose, I squeezed with moderate pressure on my eyes and the sides of my nose to... READ MORE

Did I Ruin my Septorhinoplasty if I Squeezed Blackheads Ten Days After Surgery?

I had a minor closed rhinoplasty and a major septoplasty ten days ago. I don't know what I was thinking after I showered but I squeezed some... READ MORE

Nose picking or blowing tends to make the nostrils bigger/wider (temporarily). Do their shape go back to "normal" naturally?

Through research here on RealSelf I've confirmed that permanent change to the shape of the nostrils or nose (from picking or blowing) is highly... READ MORE

Am I Destroying my Nose?

I had my surgery two years ago.The first year of healing I didn't touch it a lot to let it heal properly.But this year,I started to get more and more... READ MORE

Bloody Supply with Fillers/ Gore-tex Implant

I have been looking to get a nose job done, but for the past few yrs, I have opted to get temporary fillers injected to raise the bridge of my nose.... READ MORE

Aggressively Squeezed Pore on Nose 3 Weeks Post-op Rhinoplasty?

I aggressively squeezed a pore on my nose at 21 days post-op rhinoplasty. The surrounding skin is pink and irritated, and the pore itself is red and... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Permanently Disfigure Nose with Fingers?

I have always considered rhinoplasty due to a small hump on one side of my nose that most do not notice. A few months ago, I squeezed my nose with my... READ MORE

Post-Op Septorhinoplasty Squeezing?

I am a male with thick skin who had septorhinoplasty about two and half weeks ago. After about fifteen days, I squeezed the skin lightly on the upper,... READ MORE

Can Someone Explain What Happens when Nose Shape is Indented from Squeezing Nose?

My surgeon did an excellent job with my rhinoplasty and I feel like I ruined my final results by always squeezing my nose their is an indented finger... READ MORE

After consultation, how long does it take for your rhinoplasty surgery to happen?

After consultation, how long does it take for your rhinoplasty surgery to happen? Also, is it odd that whenever i squeeze my nose, it hurts and burns... READ MORE

How much to repair a dent in the nose cartilage? (photos)

I unfortunately have oily skin and I basically was squezzing the one side of my nose to get the oil out . after doing it over and over I'm guessing I... READ MORE

Squeezed Rhinoplasty Cast, Did I Ruin Nose Job?

Hello, I'm really scared, I had rhinoplasty turbinoplasty and septoplasty done two days ago and last night I did something really dumb. I thought id... READ MORE

Has my cartilage been crushed? Last week some old lady squeezed my nose tip hard until it gave way, which was quite painful.

My tip was quite bulbous before but now appears more defined/thinner. I know nose cartilage is elastic, so it should spring back after being squeezed?... READ MORE

I just had a Rhinoplasty about 1 month ago, my nose has a scab on it. Will this scan affect my healing and final results?(photo)

I noticed a small white head pimple on the top of my nose where the hunp was removed and i gently popped the top of the pimple not squeezing hard,... READ MORE

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