Cartilage bump on nose permanent after play fighting? Will I need surgery to correct this? (photos)

I had rhinoplasty performed on my nose 8 years ago and the doctor placed a cartilage graft on it to build the bridge up after the first rhinoplasty. My boyfriend and I were play fighting 5 days ago and he was squeezing my nose where the graft was placed and it resulted in the bump evident in my pictures. Will this need surgery to be corrected? It has only marginally improved since the nose squeezing 5 days ago.

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Nasal Bump

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There are several possibilities and several choices for treatment. It could be simple soft tissue swelling the will resolve in a few more days. It could be a fracture of the graft which would be treated either surgically or with periodic HA injectables such as restylan. 

Give it a few days to resolve spontaneously . If it doesn't, schedule a consultation with your board certified plastic surgeon. 

Bump after playing

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It is possible at this time that the bump is simply soft tissue swelling.  Give it some time, but if you see no improvement, I recommend you see a plastic surgeon to see if further intervention is indicated. 

Nasal Irregularity After Trauma

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I would not inject steroids into this!  I would allow a solid month to go by and see how it looks. If it is still there, visit a qualified surgeon that specializes in revision rhinoplasty. Best of luck!

Cartilage bump on nose permanent after play fighting? Will I need surgery to correct this?

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The bump may require surgery to fix.  Massage it for now and see your surgeon.  There is the possibility of injecting steroids to knock down some of the volume and there are options to inject volume to camouflage the bump if it remains.  If it is still there months from now, it can be addressed with a small procedure.  Good luck to you.

Garrett A. Wirth, MD, MS, FACS

Nasal bump from mechanical trauma after graft placement

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I would start with steroid injection right away and manual message of the bump; I would follow this with one more injection in one month; if it doesn't go away then you may need a little rasping that can be done in the office.


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Thank you for the question and I would see my surgeon or other expert in the field and be examined.  Cartilage used in the previous procedure may have shifted requiring revision

Dr Corbin

Cartilage bump on nose permanent after play fighting?

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When your nose was squeezed, did you feel a pop or crack? Did you have pain? Did the bump pop up immediately? There are many questions that need to be answered before you can be diagnosed and treated.

I recommend returning to your surgeon who performed your rhinoplasty. Let them examine your nose. That will provide the clearest picture of what is going on and how to treat your nose. Safety comes first. 

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