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Chronic Sinus Infection 2 Years Post Rhinoplasty

I want to know if being 26 now would my nose have shifted back to were its causing this chronic sinus infection. READ MORE

Can a Moderate to Severe Nasal Valve Collapse Cause Chronic Sinus Infections?

Just wondering if a moderate to severe nasal valve collapse can cause chronic infections, as i've been told i have an external nasal vavle... READ MORE

CT Scan Results For Sinus Infection. Will He Know I Had Cosmetic Surgery?

Hi, I had rhinoplasty 3 years ago, where I had my nose narrowed (walls and tip), had a hump removed, and had the tip straigtened. Recently, my ENT... READ MORE

My nose is ruined due to severe sinus infections. Is it possible to get nose back to its previous shape? (photo)

Past year I had severe allergies/sinus infections, and pulled/tugged on my nose as a result due to bad habit. My nose got stretched and wider, so I... READ MORE

Can a deviated septum make my smile crooked? (Photo)

I have been told I have a pretty bad deviated septum by an ENT and I should consider getting it fixed. If I get it fixed would it make my smile some... READ MORE

I have a sinus infection 3 months after Rhino/Septoplasty. Will this affect my result?

Hi I just had my Rhinoplasty 3 months ago & I developed a sinus infection I am currently on Z-pak I'm trying not to blow my nose & using q-tips only... READ MORE

I Am 6 Days Post Op from Lower Eyelid Surgery with Fat Repositioning, Feel Like I have a Sinus Infection, Normal?

I began having facial pain along inside of nose up thru between eyes - almost like serious sinus pain - is this an infection? I see doctor tomorrow... READ MORE

Under what circumstances would septorhinoplasty be covered by insurance? (photos)

My deviated septum is caused by a deviation in the structure of my nose. I am prone to sinus infections an and have trouble breathing. I also have... READ MORE

Mass at Nasal Dorsum. Could It Be Possibly Related to Prior Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I've visited numerous doctors and have not been able to get a diagnosis for the mass that's been growing on my nasal dorsum since 03/12. None of these... READ MORE

Will septoplasty straighten nose or will it make it harder to straighten my nose later in life when I can afford it?

I'm considering a septo/turb reduction (saw ent last week), but I've read that it's not good to get septo if you ever plan on getting a rhino. I... READ MORE

I have a sinus infection on my left nasal bone area after Rhinoplasty and osteotome done in S. Korea 4 week ago. Any suggestion?

Rhinoplast/osteotomy done in SKorea 4 wks ago. Cast removed 3 wks ago. Dent beside left bridge after will it ever go away? click sound from left side... READ MORE

Does an old broken nose injury with a deviated steptum cause frequent sinusitis? (Photo)

I hit in the nose almost 7 years ago and i look witchy in pictures and head ache and frequent sinus can't breathe normal READ MORE

Do you think rhinoplasty is necessary? (Photo)

My nose randomly gets blocked and whenever i get colds i almost always get a sinus infection...and in the spring my nose is so blocked my face... READ MORE

Breathing issues and Closed Rhinoplasty consultation. (photos)

I just booked my consultation for rhinoplasty. I have read the surgeon I am consulting with only preforms closed rhinoplasty. Here's my situation: I... READ MORE

Is it possible to fix my nose without it looking too small or fake? I get frequent sinus infections (Photo)

I do not like my nose it's very wide and large it takes over my it possible to fix it without it looking too small or fake...natural more... READ MORE

Should I go ahead w/ septum surgery/inferior turbinate reduction without reducing concha bullosa of middle turbinates? (Photos)

My ENT doctor has recomended sugery for my deviated septum/ nasal spur and inferior turbinate reduction. She does not want to do surgery on my middle... READ MORE

CT scan shows severe septal deviation and complete break in upper left nasal bone, and sinus disease.

I don't want to live with a deviated septum for the rest of my life. I knew something was wrong after surgery 6.5 months ago but doctor didn't listen... READ MORE

I was told I needed at least a septoplasty but I would like a Rhinoseptoplasty, would that be covered by insurance?

When I was about 15 I was in a cheer accident. A flyer stepped on my face during a stunt and I hit the ground immediately. My nose was bleeding and... READ MORE

Weird smell after rhinoplasty?

I had rhinoplasty done 3 months ago, & after a few weeks I started to smell a weird smell from the inside, like nasty smelly feet. 2 weeks ago my... READ MORE

Can an undiagnosed sinus infection change rhinoplasty results?

I am 3 months post op rhinoplasty and today I had an appointment with my surgeon because I have had a bad smell in my nose and green snot. I found out... READ MORE

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