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Is It Safe to Have Rhinoplasty when You Have the Beginning Signs of a Cold?

I am worried I am compromising my safety by having surgery tomorrow with some mild cold symptoms. -I have a slight temperature 99.6-100 it varies. -My... READ MORE

11 Days Post Op Rhinoplasty and I Just Got a Cold Today, Could This Harm the Results?

11 days post op Rhinoplasty (cast is off) and I just got a cold today! How should I handle my nose running and stuffiness without harming anything??? READ MORE

Considering Rhinoplasty: Does Surgery Make You Sick?

I am considering Rhinoplasty, and I was wondering how much blood do you lose down your throat during and after surgery, and whether it made you sick... READ MORE

Concerned about Getting Cold / Flu Before Rhinoplasty, How Will This Affect my Surgery?

My Breast Aug. and Rhino is this Thurs, 9/29/11. I am concerned with becoming sick during this week. I work in a hotel bar where I come into contact... READ MORE

How Long Do Cartilage Grafts Take to Heal? Did I Damage It With a Viral Illness 2 Month PO?

I will be 8 weeks post op on Tuesday and for the last 7 days I have had a terrible cold, and have been blowing my nose alot the last few days. I had a... READ MORE

Can I Have a Nose Job when my Throat Feels a Little Bit Sore and Dry?

I have in a few days my nose job and i have already delayed it, and i can't delay i any further, my throat feels a little bit sore and dry can i still... READ MORE

I Just Received a Columella Lift and One Week Post Surgery It's Collapsing at the Tip And I've Gotten Very Ill. What To Do?

What can the doctor do? i got sick on the 5th day post felt like my nose was on fire, next day nauseous and chills, and faintness. I had red blotches... READ MORE

Pink Eye and Rhinoplasty?

Hi! Im scheduled to get rhinoplasty in 9 days but I have caught pink eye and a really bad sore throat to go with it, Im getting antibiotics today but... READ MORE

Haven't Been Feeling Well and Rhino is Scheduled 2 Days Away?

I'm having rhinoplasty in 2 days under conscious sedation. I wasn't feeling well on Monday and didn't go into work... and I haven't... READ MORE

Can I take DayQuil during my 2 weeks of pre op for Rhinoplasty?

I felt I was getting sick, so I took a DayQuil. I didn't see Vicks DayQuil on the 'Do Not'Am I allowed to or not? Kinda scared now... I took it to... READ MORE

Will A Bethametasone Injection For A Cold Interfered With Rhino Results?

Hello, I had a rhinoplasty almost 3 weeks ago, my ears have been clogged for a couple days and I have a swollen throat so my doctor prescribed me with... READ MORE

Got a nose job recently but can't feel well?

I got a nosejob recently but my healing process is so slow , this is my 1 month and few weeks but i can't do my normal activities as i used to do , i... READ MORE

Feeling sick and weak after rhinoplasty?

I was born with a cleft palate and 5 days ago I had rhinoplasty to straighten my nose and my septum. I woke up this morning feeling very sick, I had a... READ MORE

Can you die from an untreated infection of an infected gortex nasal implant?

Nasal gortex implant in 2007 followed by another in 2010 with a second gortex implant placed on top of the first implant, 2nd became infected, removed... READ MORE

What to do if I have a cold and had Rhinoplasty 2 days ago?

A day before rhinoplasty I felt sick. My temp was higher, throat was scratchy, body felt weak. The doc's office said it was fine. Now after I have... READ MORE

I feel like I'm getting a cold a day before a septorhinoplasty surgery. What do I do? Can I still go under?

So I've been taking zicam since Saturday night and this morning I feel like a cold is starting to kick in. I'm going to continue taking zicam and I'm... READ MORE

Can swelling in the nose be temporary?

I have not had a rhinoplasty recently, but was very sick last night and vomited a lot. This morning my face is blotchy and my nose is swollen where I... READ MORE

Should food taste disgusting 5 days after septorhinoplasty?

When I first woke up from surgery I ate some cookies, sandwiches and had lots of tea which tasted a little duller than usual but not so bad. Now five... READ MORE

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