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Is It Safe to Have Rhinoplasty when You Have the Beginning Signs of a Cold?

I am worried I am compromising my safety by having surgery tomorrow with some mild cold symptoms. -I have a slight temperature 99.6-100 it varies. -My... READ MORE

11 Days Post Op Rhinoplasty and I Just Got a Cold Today, Could This Harm the Results?

11 days post op Rhinoplasty (cast is off) and I just got a cold today! How should I handle my nose running and stuffiness without harming anything??? READ MORE

Considering Rhinoplasty: Does Surgery Make You Sick?

I am considering Rhinoplasty, and I was wondering how much blood do you lose down your throat during and after surgery, and whether it made you sick... READ MORE

How Long Do Cartilage Grafts Take to Heal? Did I Damage It With a Viral Illness 2 Month PO?

I will be 8 weeks post op on Tuesday and for the last 7 days I have had a terrible cold, and have been blowing my nose alot the last few days. I had a... READ MORE

Concerned about Getting Cold / Flu Before Rhinoplasty, How Will This Affect my Surgery?

My Breast Aug. and Rhino is this Thurs, 9/29/11. I am concerned with becoming sick during this week. I work in a hotel bar where I come into contact... READ MORE

Can I Have a Nose Job when my Throat Feels a Little Bit Sore and Dry?

I have in a few days my nose job and i have already delayed it, and i can't delay i any further, my throat feels a little bit sore and dry can i still... READ MORE

I Just Received a Columella Lift and One Week Post Surgery It's Collapsing at the Tip And I've Gotten Very Ill. What To Do?

What can the doctor do? i got sick on the 5th day post felt like my nose was on fire, next day nauseous and chills, and faintness. I had red blotches... READ MORE

Haven't Been Feeling Well and Rhino is Scheduled 2 Days Away?

I'm having rhinoplasty in 2 days under conscious sedation. I wasn't feeling well on Monday and didn't go into work... and I haven't... READ MORE

Pink Eye and Rhinoplasty?

Hi! Im scheduled to get rhinoplasty in 9 days but I have caught pink eye and a really bad sore throat to go with it, Im getting antibiotics today but... READ MORE

Will A Bethametasone Injection For A Cold Interfered With Rhino Results?

Hello, I had a rhinoplasty almost 3 weeks ago, my ears have been clogged for a couple days and I have a swollen throat so my doctor prescribed me with... READ MORE

Got a nose job recently but can't feel well?

I got a nosejob recently but my healing process is so slow , this is my 1 month and few weeks but i can't do my normal activities as i used to do , i... READ MORE

Can you die from an untreated infection of an infected gortex nasal implant?

Nasal gortex implant in 2007 followed by another in 2010 with a second gortex implant placed on top of the first implant, 2nd became infected, removed... READ MORE

Can I take DayQuil during my 2 weeks of pre op for Rhinoplasty?

I felt I was getting sick, so I took a DayQuil. I didn't see Vicks DayQuil on the 'Do Not'Am I allowed to or not? Kinda scared now... I took it to... READ MORE

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