Pink Eye and Rhinoplasty?

Hi! Im scheduled to get rhinoplasty in 9 days but I have caught pink eye and a really bad sore throat to go with it, Im getting antibiotics today but my question is is it safe to get my rhinoplasty procedure in 9 days? I'm really worried

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Pink Eye and Rhinoplasty

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Thank you for your inquiry. Your instincts are correct- the rhinoplasty is elective- unless you are completely well from your infection you should wait. The prudent thing would be to notify your surgeon and discuss the possibility of rescheduling.

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Pink Eye and Rhinoplasty?

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Your best bet is to let your surgeon's office know. I will typically give patients a few days to recover from a viral illness before deciding whether to move forward. That will still give you a week before your surgery date. If there's any question about your health at that point, it is safest to delay the procedure until you're recovered completely. I hope this information is helpful.

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Pink Eye(conjunctivitis)

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Dear jd49106:

     Thank you for your inquiry. Most pinkeye is viral in nature, however if your do have a bacterial infection you may also have ethmoid sinusitis. Usually a 10 -14 day course of antibiotics and drops will take care of the problem.  Since your rhinoplasty is elective I would not take a chance and would delay the surgery until the infection is cleared.

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