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Can I Get Only Nose Rasping Done Instead of Full Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I like my nose, it's small & cute but the only problem I have is that from the side I have the biggest bump that is so noticeable. It makes me... READ MORE

Rasping the Nasal Bones or Go for the Typical Rhino (Lateral and Medial Osteotomies)? (photo)

Hello,I had my nose broken 7 months ago that left me with a crookedness that I 'm pretty sure its in the bony section.My doctor said that i may... READ MORE

Rasping Side of Nose Bone by Eye Area?

I had rhinoplasty one year ago. Two weeks after surgery I noticed drastic swelling at the top of my nose on the right side near my under eye area. My... READ MORE

Recovery Time for in Office Rasping?

I have a bony callus 5 months post rhinoplasty. My surgeon said it would be no problem to rasp down in office under local anesthesia in a few more... READ MORE

Nasal Fracture Closed Reduction Now Bump On My Bridge and Crooked, What Next?

I had a nasal fracture occur and 3 days after the fracture I had a Closed Reduction done by a ENT Dr., now at 3 weeks post procedure I have a hard... READ MORE

Rasping the Sides of the Nose?

I have bumps post rhinoplasty on both sides of my nose ( 2years ago) and was wanting to get them rasped down. I am pretty sure they are located on the... READ MORE

Will a Rasping with Local Anesthesia Be Suitable for my Nose Bump?

Hey docs. So, I love my nose from the front. From the side, I have a small bump that I wish I didn't have. It is so small that I wouldn't get a whole... READ MORE

Can a Large Dorsal Hump Be Removed with Rasping Alone?

I have an average to large nasal hump. When going to see a local surgeon he explained he could just cut the excess cartilage and rasp down the bone... READ MORE

Did I End Up with a Bad Nose Job? It's Been 8 Months, Rasped By Dr. 4 Weeks Ago. (photo)

I had Rhinoplasty 8 months ago, having the dorsal bump removed. After the swelling went down, I noticed a small areas where the bump was still there ,... READ MORE

When shaving or rasping the nasal bump down on the nose, where does the bone go?

I have a few questions regarding the rasping method used to remove the bony part of the nasal bump. I see surgeons essentially "file" the bump down... READ MORE

Will In-office Rasping Widen and Flatten Bridge of Nose Enough?

Fractured nose 9 years ago. Very small bump on bridge, but you can see the outlines of my former bridge which was wider, with clean lines. The old... READ MORE

How long does swelling go down after rasping or shaving callus?

I just had a callus shaved (rasped) down from my plastic surgeon today. It's been over a year since my rhinoplasty and after I took the tape off I... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Touch-Up?

When is it appropriate to do a touch up after original rhinoplasty? My doctor is considering doing rasping of the bone on one side of my nose and... READ MORE

Can Asymmetry Be Due to Swelling or More Likely a Bad Rasping Job?

I am a little over 1 month post-op after having my nasal bone rasped on the top and left side. My nose seems to be more asymmetrical than before.... READ MORE

What is rasping and why is it done sometimes after Rhinoplasty?

I had open rhinoplasty 8 months ago. I am not completely satisfied with my result and am planning on seeking a revision in the future with a different... READ MORE

Can I Just Have my Nasal Bones Rasped a 1-2mm to Bring Them in Line with the Rest of my Nose? (photo)

Or is the upper width of them too great therefore do I need to have the bones broken? I like my tip, nasal base width & profile. It's just the... READ MORE

Tip work.

I have a dorsal hump I want to rasp down, but I do not want tip work. I'm Armenian,&want to keep parts on my ethnic nose. I love my... READ MORE

Can I Expect my Nose to Look Exactly the Same After Bump from Injury is Removed/rasped? (Photos)

I sustained a small bump or callus from a hit to the nose 1 1/2 mths ago. I'll be having a septoplasty/turbinate reduction and possibly also having... READ MORE

Rasping the protruding nasal bones? (photo)

The sides of my nasal bones are too much going outwards at the lower end. If i press that part which is bulging outwards, it is quite hard and ending... READ MORE

My PS Said A Nose Rasping Would Suffice for my Nose? Any Opinions or What Do You Think I Should Do? (photo)

I had an appt with a PS to see what I needed done as far as a rhino? He said I just need a minor fix which would be a rasping of the nose? What are... READ MORE

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