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How Long Do I Wait After my Nose Job (Rhioplasty) to See the Full Results?

It is 3 weeks after and my rhinoplsty and my nose looks the same. Aparently this is what some patient say...I was told. In profile my bump has gone. I... READ MORE

2 Months Post Op Rhinoplasty with Only Slight Results, Is this Because of the Swelling? (photo)

I am just over 2 months post-op closed rhinoplasty. My surgeon did not operate on my bone, just the tip cartilage, since my problem was really with my... READ MORE

How Long Should I Wait After Alar Base Reduction to See Results? (photo)

I had an alar base reduction done (no other procedure) 2 weeks ago and right now my nose is the same size as before surgery!! It's so hard to believe... READ MORE

Alarplasty 5mm Removed? (photo)

Hello!! i had alar sill excision two weeks ago. The doctor said he removed 5mm from each side but when i look at my nose now i really don't notice... READ MORE

1 Year Post-Rhinoplasty with No Results- How To Proceed?

I'm 18. I had a nosejob done 1 year ago, to make the bridge straighter and make the tip of the nose thinner. The plastic surgeon was very... READ MORE

Tip Plasty? (photo)

Ive had rhinoplasty done almost a year ago. The tip of my nose looks exactly the same if not worse. When I smile it looks like a huge V shape. I do... READ MORE

Tip Swelling or Bad Nose Job? (photo)

I had my rhinoplasty 5 months ago. The bump was removed successfully and it looks good . The tip needed to be lifted and refined. However the tip is... READ MORE

6 Weeks Post Rhinoplasty and No Improvement - Help!

Hi, I had open rhinoplasty six weeks ago with a reputable company, when the splint was removed the tip of the nose was very swolen without any change... READ MORE

I am unhappy with the results of my Rhinoplasty. How do I voice my concerns without offending my surgeon? (photos)

Hello I had rhinoplasty in November to reduce the length the tip and some bone work and my nose was large and off centre to begin with and I had... READ MORE

Almost 4 Months Out From Rhinoplasty; Same Since 1st Month? (photo)

Almost have 4months out from rhinoplasty. Suppositely im swollen i have to be patient, my nose may change a bit more but lets be real there wont be... READ MORE

Why Does my Nose Look the Same After Septorhinoplasty?

I am 2 weeks postop from septoplasty, turbinate reduction, and rhinoplasty. My nose looks exactly the same as before surgery with only a minor change... READ MORE

3 Months Post Rhino/septoplasty, turbinate Reduction the Nose Still Seems Wide and Large?

Im 3 months postop, I had a wide, bulbous nose prior to surgery. The large ball at the end of the nose is gone but the nose still seems too wide. My... READ MORE

Likelihood That a Post-rhinoplasty Hump in Nose is Just Swelling? How to Broach This Topic with Surgeon?

Had open rhino/septoplasty to correct a deviated septum and reduce a dorsal hump about 3 wks ago. While slightly improved, the hump is still quite... READ MORE

Alar Reduction and Tip Refinement--no Results Visible Postop Day 11? (photo)

Dear Doctors, i had ABR and tip refinement 11 days ago, open approach, had incisions outside and inside also,, i got severe reaction to the tape... READ MORE

In-office Procedure for a Failed Rhinoplasty?

I had an unsuccessful rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago. I had the upper nasal bones broken to remove a bump on the side of my bridge and center my nose. Nearly... READ MORE

Bumps One Year Post Rhinoplasty is this Normal?

I had rhinopasty over a year ago and two bumps remain on the side where the dorsal hump was removed.Since the nose was broken and pinched in, I now... READ MORE

I see no results after rhinoplasty, after five months my nose still the same. I am very depressed and unhappy. (Photo)

Hi guys,I was waiting for a little while to post this because I am no expert about surgery,and I took my time,and maybe with the weeks passing by I... READ MORE

After a Month Rhinoplasty Not Happy with the Result?

My nose was broken 15 years ago and it was bent towards right .After having surgery done a month ago , still the same . not as bad as before but still... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Hump Remvoal Still Not Smooth?

I had a septoplasty & rhinoplasty 1 month ago. Had a big dorsal hump & paid ($7000+) to have it chisled down through braking the nose &... READ MORE

Hump 6 Weeks Post Op?

I had open rhinoplasty 6 weeks ago to remove a hump on my nose..and there is a hard hump on my bridge at the place of the it swelling or my... READ MORE

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