How Long Do I Wait After my Nose Job (Rhioplasty) to See the Full Results?

It is 3 weeks after and my rhinoplsty and my nose looks the same. Aparently this is what some patient say...I was told. In profile my bump has gone. I was also told it will keep refining up to 3 months but I am not confident. The tip still looks very large and only slightly smaller like not enough cartilage was taken out. In all honesty how much can a closed nose job change the shape of my nose? How much have you seen noses refine after closed surgery to what will be?

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Twelve months is the magic number of months after rhinoplasty in order to say that the results are now final.

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How long do I need to wait before my rhinoplasty results are revealed

It can take up to a year for the healing process to be completed. Three weeks is still way to early to assess your final results. My best advise is to be patient and be compliant with your surgeons instructions.

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Healing Time After Rhinoplasty

Following rhinoplasty a large part of the swelling should subside within two weeks, however it will take at least six months to see the final results. Although the area will not appear to change in the later stages, the remaining recovery proceeds for one year. You should wait for one year before you consider any revision surgery.


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Healing after rhinoplasty

The  previous advice was excellent...I would add that certain areas of the nose typically heal faster than others...the dorsal contour generally heals faster than the tip...the tip often is the last area to see the final shape as this often stays slightly swollen , firm and numb for up to a year.

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Final Results After Rhinoplasty

Dear Sandy,


Thank you for important questions.

Usually, final results are obtained at the 12 months mark after your Rhinoplasty but every patient is different and that number could fluctuates a little.

At 3 weeks after your surgery, it is too early to judge the results you have accomplished. I encourage you to be a little more patient.

Best of Luck to you.

Dr. Sajjadian

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