Malar mounds/bags? Will surgery on deviated septum help?

I have malar mounds/borderline bags. I have allergies (treated with Claritin, Singulair, and Flonase and Azelastine 2x a day). I am on month five of allergy drops (sublingual method). No improvement. I was also diagnosed with a deviated septum and was told surgery would be the next step if mouth breathing didn't improve on drops. Could this surgery also help my malar mounds/bags? Any other options?

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Deviated Septum surgery will not help malar mounds.

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Malar mounds are due to fluid collections in the cheeks and will not be corrected by septoplasty.  The swelling after the septoplasty may make the malar bags worse for a short period of time, although it may help with your breathing.

Malar mounds and septum

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No, malar mounds are due to water retention it may actually look a bit worse for a while after rhinoplasty surgery.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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