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Pros and Cons of Gore-tex and Sillicone in Rhinoplasty?

I am trying to figure out which is between Gore-tex or Silicone is better for Rhinoplasty. I heard that Gore-tex can shrink 40% in size over time and... READ MORE

What's the Chance of Infection or Extrusion with Gore-Tex Nasal Implants?

I have just gotten rhinoplasty and since found out my surgeon used gore tex. I am stressed out because I understand that there are complication... READ MORE

Red Bump on my Nose Tip? (photo)

Hi, Its been a year since i did a goretex rhinoplasty. Recently, there is this red bump on the tip of my nose. It's been there for around a week, it... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty with Gore-tex and Ear Cartilage

My question focused on the material I plan to use for my nose Rhinoplasty. If I were to use ear cartilage for my tip and gore-tex for my nose bridge,... READ MORE

Is It Advisable to Get my Goretex Implant (Rhinoplasty) Removed? I'm Afraid of Getting an Infection in the Years to Come.

I am an asian woman on my late 20s from NY and i had a rhinoplasty with goretex implant done in 2012. I was convinced by my surgeon during my... READ MORE

Which Material Makes the Best Implant for Nose Job?

I have decided to go to seoul for my nose job, as i will have the option of using Silicone, Gore-text or Sili-text as the nasal dorsal implant in the... READ MORE

Goretex Removal? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty 6 months ago. i have uneven bridge and doctor said he broke my bridge and inserted goretex when it was not necessary. i want it out.... READ MORE

Very Worried About my Nose 2 Weeks After Surgery, Will It Improve? (photo)

I just did open rhinoplasty surgery 2 weeks ago, the surgeon used goretex for my bridge and my ear cartilage as the tip graft. The mean reason i did... READ MORE

How Will Nose Tip Look After Ear Cartilige is Removed?

Im an Asian female who had primary surgery with goretex and ear cartilige for tip. I was unhappy with the result and recently got the gortex implant... READ MORE

Gore Tex Implant?

I am just wondering if gore tex implant really shrink on the first month, i had a nose implant this month and i hope that it will shrink. And when... READ MORE

What happens to my nose if I remove my gore-tex rhinoplasty implant, just in case it gets infected in the future? (photo)

-27 yrs., Asian, had rhinoplasty to raise dorsal (~1-2 mm) & refine bulbous tip 4 years ago. -Gore-tex implant used for bridge. -My nose is in good... READ MORE

Are Radiesse and Other Fillers Safer Than Synthetic Implants Being Put into the Nose?

I am Asian and have quite a flat and round nose. I have been getting fillers such as radiesse, Perlane and Juvaderm injected into the tip and bridge... READ MORE

Goret-Tex Infection in Side of the Tip After Revision Rhinoplasty

Doctor first put ear cart. and 1 small piece of gore-tex in my tip, and as little bump was shown he put another small piece of gore-tex in short... READ MORE

Can polyp removal and rhinoplasty using goretex be done at the same time ? How long would it take to heal? Thank you

I have a nasal polyp on the right nose that affects my breathing. I also have it on my left side but smaller. Would rhinoplasty affect the future... READ MORE

Bloody Supply with Fillers/ Gore-tex Implant

I have been looking to get a nose job done, but for the past few yrs, I have opted to get temporary fillers injected to raise the bridge of my nose.... READ MORE

Goretex Implant Incorporation Time?

Hi, I'm interested to know how long does it takes for Goretex implant to get fully incorporated. I heard that it is the only implant that has the... READ MORE

Goretex Sheets Vs Goretex Blocks for Rhinoplasty?

Hello Doctors! Between goretex sheets and goretex blocks, which one do you prefer the most? Why? Your responses would be a huge help and would be... READ MORE

Why Do I Have Hanging Columella and Round Tip? (Photo)

I have searched everywhere with other people experience withswelling however i find that only i have the round hanging collumella/tip? Why is that so?... READ MORE

Nasal Infection?

I have infected gortex eETPF implant. The implant was placed across the bride of my nose due to thin skin and to smooth things out. I’m aware... READ MORE

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