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Is It Okay to Clean Dried Blood Inside Nose a Day After Rhinoplasty?

I just had my rhinoplasty done yesterday and my doctor didn't put in any packing because he said that there was very minimal bleeding and it would... READ MORE

Is clear, watery discharge normal 2 days post-op after a septoplasty?

I had a septoplasty on Friday with septal grafting to my left nostril for a valve collapse. Its healing well, except I noticed I have a clear, watery... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have Yellowish Leaking from the Nose and Constant Pressure on Forehead After Rhinoplasty? (photo)

Its been only 3 days after the surgery but i am already tired of this disgusting leaking, no more bleeding but sticky liquid. And cannot easily move... READ MORE

I Got Rhinoplasty 5 Days Ago. Are Flaps of Tissue and Yellow Discharge Normal?

I seem to have flaps of tissue hanging from the inside of my nose. They kind of looked like mucus but they aren't. My nose also won't stop producing a... READ MORE

Eyes burning after rhinoplasty. Is this a result of the surgery or something completely unrelated?

My eyes are constantly itching and burn on occasion. i also found white discharge on the corners of my eyes. the pain is extreme and almost unbearable... READ MORE

How can I deal with the feeling of bubbles in nose and clear ooze dripping from nose?

Is there a way to deal with the feeling of bubbles inside your nose and clear ooze dripping from the outsde of the nose. I like everything so far... READ MORE

3 months after sinus rhinoplasty surgery. Is it normal to have yellow mucous discharge?

I have done 3 months ago rhinoplasty sinus surgery ,fixed deviated septum ,cleaned out sinuses and enlarged turbinates reduction recently yellow... READ MORE

5 days post op Rhinoplasty, I have yellow drainage. Is this normal?

Hello it has been 5 days since i had my rhinoplasty..i'm having much disgusting yellowish discharge from my it normal? does smiling affect my... READ MORE

25 days post op, do I have an infection after Rhinoplasty? Green discharge coming from the tip of my nose.

I am 25 days post op (hump shaven down, droopy tip upturned, nostrils strengthened using septum cartilage grafts and caudal septal deviation... READ MORE

3 months post op, still congested and assymetry, is it normal?

My right nostril is stuffed up most of the time (the right one has more discharge, gets cleaned easily and feels great). Also, the right side of my... READ MORE

Do I have a possible infection after rhinoplasty?

9 days post op. Initially I had a clear discharge coming from the nose which seemed normal and the surgeon said was expected. Today I had a thicker... READ MORE

Medpor Implant 5 Years Ago to Augment Bridge?

I am having some pain with small amount of blood and yellowish discharge in the last 6m i went to ENT specilist he said i had stap infection and give... READ MORE

Am I having an infection on my nose where there is a silicone implant? How many days is the recovery time for removal? (photo)

I had a nose job in the Philippines in December of 2011, and I noticed last week that there is a red lump that appears on the left side of my nose... READ MORE

2 months after rhinoplasty yellow discharge and swelling - is there any treatment?

I notice that there were yellowish liquid coming out where sutures are i try to massage my nose knowing it helps to drain everytime i massage it the... READ MORE

What could clear discharge headaches and fever almost a month after septorhinoplasty be?

I had septorhinoplasty and since then I've been having headaches which only got worse with time. Now my headaches are so bad when I stand I feel dizzy... READ MORE

8 mths septorhino. When I clean inside my nose, a bad smells comes out with a yellow discharge. Infection?

This is the thing I got s hump removed and tip lifted with my own cartilage my healing has been slow according to the doctor I still have very dry... READ MORE

I got the clear watery discharge sometimes and my nose looks a bit red. Is it the implant problem or other nose problems?

I got the clear watery discharge sometimes and my nose looks a bit red but no pain. I felt pretty headache when I felt my nose was not comfortable... READ MORE

I have yellow, nasal drip after being hit in the nose Saturday. Should I worry? Had rhinoplasty 1 year ago.

I had sinus surgery and rhinoplasty one year ago. Over the weekend I was hit on one side of my face with someone's head by accident. Ever since then,... READ MORE

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