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Continous Phlegm and Coughing Resulting in Vomiting 2-3 Weeks After Rhinoplasty?

I have been coughing up phlegm for the past week and I am now three weeks post rhinoplasty. My cough is uncontrollable and can be prolonged at times.... READ MORE

8 days post op Rhinoplasty & Septoplasty, I'm facing mucus problem, runny nose, cough and slight ear pain. Is this normal?

I already took antibiotics, throat pain killers - everything that my surgeon prescribed. I am very uncomfortable with my runny nose and mucus... READ MORE

Bronchitis before Rhinoplasty. Is it ok to have the rhinoplasty if I have a small cough?

I am scheduled for rhinoplasty on Tuesday 10/21. On 10/11 I got bronchitis and started taking antibiotics the next day. I have finished the antibiotic... READ MORE

How easy is it to mess up the outcome of your Rhinoplasty?

I got my rhinoplasty exactly a week ago today and I am going in to get my little cast thing removed. During this week I have sneezed, smiled , coughed... READ MORE

Chest pain and cough after general anasthesia normal?

I had a septorhinoplasty yesterday under general anasthesia and felt perfect after the surgery, not even any pain. Today (day 2) im having achy chest... READ MORE

I Had a Rhinoplasty Surgery, but After 3years, I am Suffering from Sinus Problem Allergy, cold, cough?

After taking medicine it is cured but after 1 week it again cause problem,what to do ,how to cure it??plz help READ MORE

Is it normal to be coughing 2 days after rhinoplasty?

I started having a very chesty cough on the 2nd day of recovery. It's now the third day and the cough is very deep and tickly. It hurts my nose to... READ MORE

Is it common to be experiencing post nasal drip 7 weeks after Rhinoplasty?

Last week I started coughing and thought I was catching a cold. I went to see a doctor and they said the cough was from post nasal dripping so I was... READ MORE

10 months post rhinoplasty and sever cough?

I had a rhinoplasty about 10 months ago and ever since I have been waking up with a sever cough for about 10-15 min after I wake up. This cough... READ MORE

Coughing blood with phlegm 11 days post rhino. Is it normal?

I had my surgery 11 days ago and I started coughing phlegm instead of blowing my nose thinking it'd be easier for me to breath, but I notice that the... READ MORE

Tenderness in scalp and slight ear ache on side of ear cartilage harvesting 2 weeks post op - normal?

Did my rhinoplasty and doctor used cartilage from my ear about 2 weeks ago. Everything seemed fine and I got the stitches out. However, about 5 days... READ MORE

8 months post Rhino and otoplasty and I have a terrible cough. Concerned about it affecting my results. Any suggestions?

The last week I've had a bad cough and am wondering if the cough will affect my results? Sometimes when I cough it hurts my left ear and stings a... READ MORE

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