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Cast on Nose Feels Loose After Rhinoplasty

I had rhinoplasty three days ago and my cast feels a bit loose, like I can raise it a tiny, tiny bit up from my nose and move it slightly from left to... READ MORE

Will tip of the nose come down some after bandages removed after Rhinoplasty?

I just had rhinoplasty done that involved getting the tip of my nose raised. I'm European and our noses generally dont have raised tip. Dr recommended... READ MORE

Can I travel after Rhinoplasty, or should I stay in a hotel until I get the bandages off?

Will I have to book a hotel for the whole week after Rhinoplasty surgery? I live four hours away from the surgeon and will probably book a hotel... READ MORE

When I took off the bandages they put on my nose after the cast, my nose took the form of the bandages. Any suggestion? (photo)

Before the bandadges, when i took off the cast, my nose was extremely straight (first picture). When i removed the bandadges i noticed that my nose... READ MORE

Will my nose fall down, like 1 cm after taking off the bandage? Could I pull it down with a tape after taking the gypsum off?

Done open rhinoplasty For 4 days ago and it look like a pig nose! Very upturned! This is my second operation with a different dr. My first took off... READ MORE

After breaking my nose 20 yrs ago, I'm thinking of having rhinoplasty. How long will I have to wear bandages? (Photo)

I am a florist , and want to know how long recovery time is before I can take bandages off READ MORE

Went bowling 5 days post op rhinoplasty? Please help I'm scared.

So 5 days after my rhinoplasty, the same day I got bandages removed, I went bowling. I had no pain afterwards and no actual bleeding or whatever, just... READ MORE

What type of bandages/splint is used after closed tip plasty and when can I go back to work?

Im planning to have a closed tip plasty ( add lenghth to my tip) and would like to know when can I go back to work without any bandegs or cast? Is 3... READ MORE

Is my desired outcome realistic given this current result of open rhinoplasty to the tip? 1 week post op. (photos)

I had the bandages (no splint) taken off yesterday and was shocked that I t is much worse than before. My goal was to decrease the projection (about 2... READ MORE

Small bump on nose one week after rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I had my nose done a week ago.. My surgeon removed my nasal hump by filing it down, reduced the size of my tip and lifted it. No bones were broken... READ MORE

4 weeks post op and my nose randomly swelled up. Is this normal?

My nose never really got too swollen after getting my bandages removed after rhino/septo/turbinate. a few days ago my stitches started hurting a... READ MORE

Are we allowed to apply moisturizers and sunblock creams and oils on nose post Rhinoplasty?

Hello I had a rhinoplasty a week ago and I just removed the bandages. I would like to,ask you if we can put creams and oils ( I use olive and coconut... READ MORE

Do minor hits and picking blackheads on nose a few weeks after Rhinoplasty damage the results?

I had closed rhinoplasty four months ago. The bandages were taken off after 3-4 weeks, and the skin under the bandages had gotten full of blackheads,... READ MORE

What kind of nose job do I need? And when do they take the bandages off? (Photo)

I want to get a tip plasty but i dont know if thats the right one, because i like my nose from side,(second photo) i like my nostrils, and the way it... READ MORE

Laughing a day after bandages removed?

About a day after I got my bandages removed, I got stuck in a situation so funny I vomited. Not proud of it, but I'm not going to lie. I laughed very,... READ MORE

How long after a rhinoplasty do you start seeing results?

If you drastically change the appearance of the nose will you see results right after the bandages come off or does it take a few months to see the... READ MORE

I had rhinoplasty and Septoplasty about 5 years ago now and the line where I wore the splint type bandage over my nose. (Photo)

What can I do to get this line to disappear? Ibe tried massaging and make up but still there and very noticeable, please help. The surgeon said (years... READ MORE

Does anyone know what country/ surgeon uses this type of bandage after Rhinoplasty? (photos)

I am very interested if anyone knows the country where this rhinoplasty could have been performed , or better yet , the surgeon ,maybe your the... READ MORE

Will my hump on my nose go away?

Its been 3 weeks after my nose surgery i got my hump remove and at first when i took off my bandages and splints there was no hump i was happy with... READ MORE

Can you wear a plastic nostril piercing retainer immediately after open Rhinoplasty? (photos)

I understand that all jewellery must be removed for the procedure, but I was wondering if you could place a plastic retainer (like the one in the... READ MORE

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