Went bowling 5 days post op rhinoplasty? Please help I'm scared.

So 5 days after my rhinoplasty, the same day I got bandages removed, I went bowling. I had no pain afterwards and no actual bleeding or whatever, just the little dripping that you wipe off with a tissue. My nose was kind of vibrating afterwards though. We played 2 games and I used a generally light ball (10 lb I think). I don't know if I'm going crazy but I feel like my nose got droopier after the game? Or is that not even physically possible to happen so quickly, if even at all? Please help

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Exercise after rhinoplasty

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It is not uncommon to have significant swelling after the bandages/splint is removed. If you were exerting yourself immediately after, you likely have just exacerbated the swelling. It is unlikely that any problems will occur from this, but usually we like to avoid swelling for the first few weeks as much as possible. I would touch base with your rhinoplasty surgeon and just keep them informed

Best of luck

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Went bowling five days..........

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it is almost certain that you have increased the amount of swelling following your surgery. This may slow your recovery but is unlikely to have done any significant damage. Go and see your surgeon.

Patrick Briggs, FRCSI (Plast)
Perth Plastic Surgeon

Bowling 5 days after a Rhinoplasty!

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Thank you for your question. It is important not to do any strenuous activities or lift anything heavy for at least one month post surgery. Otherwise it can increase the swelling and pulsing. I specifically give my patients pre and post instructions that they need to follow to prevent any unnecessary complications.I hope you have a speedy recovery and the best results.

Alfonso Gonzalez Cepeda, MD
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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