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Profuse Nose Bleeding After Rhinoplasty

Hi, I had my rhinoplasty done 3 years ago. I remember having profuse bleeding the 4th day after surgery and the doctor told that the healing did not... READ MORE

Why is There a Discoloration on the Tip of Nose After 4 Years Since my Rhinoplasty?

I have previously undergone tiplasty by redefining it with septal cartilage 4 years ago and recently I noticed there was a purply/bluish spot on the... READ MORE

What is Effect of Light on Rhinoplasty Result? Nose Looks Deformed 4 Years Post Op In Certain Lighting. (photo)

I had nose job 4 years ago. My droppy tip and slightly hump was corrected via open rhinoplasty oprroach.I am interest in getting question from you... READ MORE

Tip Nose Graft Adjustment or Removal? (photo)

I had a rhinoplasty cartilage graft done to disguise a dent in my tip 4 years ago. It has now made my nose longer and and has a very hard prominent... READ MORE

Does my New Nose Fit my Face? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty 4 years ago, but I've never been completely thrilled with my results. I told my surgeon at my 1 year that I was concerned too much... READ MORE

What happens to my nose if I remove my gore-tex rhinoplasty implant, just in case it gets infected in the future? (photo)

-27 yrs., Asian, had rhinoplasty to raise dorsal (~1-2 mm) & refine bulbous tip 4 years ago. -Gore-tex implant used for bridge. -My nose is in good... READ MORE

Is It an Infection if a Pimple Suddenly Appears on the Tip of Your Nose After 4 Years of a Nose Job?

Hi! i had undergone nose job 4years ago & never encountered a problem or even had a single pimple on it, but, 2 days ago i noticed that a pimple... READ MORE

80% loss of smell after open rhinoplasty 4 years ago, what could have gone wrong during surgery?

I had an aggressive open rhinoplasty 4 years ago, I had nasal airway tubes inserted for 1 week. After they were removed the taste came back but not... READ MORE

Will an Over-reduced Nose Cause a Lack of Support to the Upper Lip?

I had rhinoplasty 4 years ago and the doctor over resected removed my nasal spine and cut the depressor muscle. Ever since my upper lip feels very... READ MORE

Will rhinoplasty scar revision surgery fix problem? (photos)

Four yrs ago I had rhinoplasty done and I am very pleased with my overall results. My only issue is the scarring. The left side healed perfectly while... READ MORE

I Had Rhinoplasty Four Years Ago and Still Get Scabs and Nose Bleeds, What Could be the Cause?

I had rhinoplasty four years ago and the scabs were normal with being there for a few weeks. but that was 4 years ago and have still got them. i also... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Four Yrs Ago to Remove Bump and Its Just Started to Grow Back, is this Possible?

I had a huge bump on bridge of nose that was removed over 4 years ago now and literally the last month i can ever s slightly see it. I can feel it and... READ MORE

Hit On Nose 4 Years Post Rhinoplasty. Severe Bleeding, Tender, Swollen; Is This Permanent?

I got hit on my nose 4 years after my rhinoplasty, I had sever bleeding so I did an Xray and the Xray does not show any fractions in the bones. My... READ MORE

The Tip of my Nose Blanches when I Smile Post Rhinoplasty. Is There a Way to Correct This?

I had Rhinoplasty surgery 4 years ago. The surgeon pulled the tip of my nose down and narrowed the bridge. Now the tip of my nose has a small spot... READ MORE

90%o Loss of Smell 4 Years Ago After Deviated Septum Operation?

Apparently turbinates were sculpted in op but dr said he did not contact smell nerves.what can be done to assess damage and is there any chance of... READ MORE

Can nose graphs from a previous rhinoplasty be removed or changed in revision rhinoplasty?

My daughter had rhinoplasty about 4 years ago. Her nose was wide, and she had a bulbous, droopy tip. I emphasized to the doctor that my daughter... READ MORE

Why is my nose tip hard 4 years after rhinoplasty?

The firmness at the tip of my nose never went away after my surgery. My nose is still considerably stiffer than a regular nose. What should be done to... READ MORE

What is the bump on the tip of my nose and why does it deviate to left? What can I do? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty ~4yrs ago. My tip on left has hard bump and nose deviates to left. From right profile appears too sloped with long tip. From left... READ MORE

Can Tricare cover corrective Rhinoplasty surgery?

I received reconstructive sinus surgery 4 years ago. After surgery my nose was abnormally large and stretched. I figured it'd go away but it hasn't.... READ MORE

My nose's skin became loose and squishy ! What I can to do?

I had close rhinoplasty 4years ago but from 2 weeks ago i did many massages on my nose tip ,and now i feel my nose skin is loose and squishy! please... READ MORE

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