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Post Rhinoplasty Revision: What Can be Done to Fix my nose?

Hi Doctors, 4 months post-revision, not much change compared to 11 weeks, and frankly I kinda knew 1 month post-op that not enough was taken out.... READ MORE

Can moderately thick skin shrink back with Revision Rhino if multiple spreader grafts, tipwork and strut graft removed? (photo)

I went to my rhinoplasty surgeon over a year ago for hopefully cosmetic improvement on slightly deviated septum and she performed a lateral and medial... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty and botox

I had open rhinoplasty 6 months ago. Is there still any chance that my nose shrinks? I dont like the way it goes down when I smile. My nostrils go up... READ MORE

How much should I expect my nose to shrink? It feels like jelly, is that soft tissue? (Photo)

I had a primary rhinoplasty 3 years ago to reduce a very small hump, what I ended up with was a pollybeak with soft tissue and a over projected tip I... READ MORE

Would steroid injections help to shrink the nose? Would you recommend them at this point?

Three months ago I had an open rhinoplasty revision to further refine the tip of my nose. My doctor removed a small amount of cartilage and sutured... READ MORE

Conflicting answers from doctors/ revision of over rotated tip. Should I wait or not? (photos)

So I'm going to get a revision to bring down my tip. The nasilabilal angle before surgery used to be around 90 degrees. Now 6 weeks post op it's about... READ MORE

Revision Rhinplasty. Shrinks Back to Original Size?

After building my nose brigde with medpor ,having a strut graft with using rib after a failed ear one (no septal cartilidge left). and ear cartildge... READ MORE

How long before skin shrinkwraps?

Should I get a revision nose job earlier so my skin can be stretched more. I read that if you wait too long then the nose can't be lengthened anymore READ MORE

Is there anything that can be done to prevent further shrink wrapping of the skin several years after rhinoplasty?

I had a revision rhinoplasty 6 years ago to add more structural support for my nose but I can still feel/see the effects progressing each year as I... READ MORE

Is it safe to have a revision at 9 months post op? I'm currently 8 months post-op

I had my first consultation with my revision surgeon at 6 months and my nose has not changed a bit since then (or since m 4 to be more precise). The... READ MORE

Amount of time to wait for revision? Ear enough or need rib graft too? Getting mixed responses.

I am thoroughly confused. Started consults for revisions - am 8 weeks post op. Never planned plastic, septum only. Here I am with overshortened nose... READ MORE

Re-adding cartilage to enhance the cephalic orientation of tip cartilage?

Can this be done well? What is the name of the grafting technique? I would like to enhance my tip, by making it more bulbous. Are rhinoplasty... READ MORE

Can I achieve the result that I want by getting revision? (photos)

I had rhino 3 weeks ago, very unhappy with Pinocchio profile. I will address that to my doc when I see him next week. I understand there is swelling... READ MORE

How much swelling is left? Will my nose shrink any significant amount? (photos)

I had a revision on my nasal tip to shorten my nose after a previous rhinoplasty. The revision showed NO differences in length. It has been almost 2... READ MORE

Will ear cartilage shrink over time?

Hi I had a closed rhinoplasty done 4 weeks ago on the tip of my nose. I dislike it though as it is too sharp. I heard from my friend that the ear... READ MORE

Will nose/skin shrink some more? (photos)

Had revision rhinoplasty a year ago and ended up with a crooked tip (was straight before). Had septoplasty a week ago ,and nose still not completed... READ MORE

How to approach my nose? (photos)

13 months ago since my rhinoplasty I had a hump on my nose and a droopy tip with no definition. My surgeon at that time said he would give me a nose... READ MORE

Short columella post revision rhinoplasty. (photo)

I am very fresh out of my revision surgery, only 9 days and I understand I am swollen although, my columella is significantly short and it doesn't... READ MORE

Will my nose keep shrinking after revision rhinoplasty?

I had revision rhinoplasty done on Jan 25th to make my nose larger and even with rib graft. I LOVED the results when the cast was removed and for... READ MORE

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