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How Do I Know if I Have an Infection After Revision Rhinoplasty?

I recently had a second rhinoplasty with rib cartilage!The surgery turned out very well. I recently started noticing this small bump on the right... READ MORE

Steroid Injections for Decreasing Nose Bridge Height?

I am an Asian female, and I had an open revision rhinoplasty using rib graft, done over 6 months ago. I think the level of the bridge is too high. I... READ MORE

Risks of Using Rib Cartilage for Revision Rhinoplasty?

I want to do Revision Rhinoplasty using rib cartilage. What are the risks I face? READ MORE

Can Rib Cartilage Graft on the Bridge Be Removed?

I had revision rhinoplasty 6 months ago, and it was horrible. I am now considering removing the rib graft on my nose bridge. Can it be done? READ MORE

Rib Cartilage Used As Spreader Grafts - How Likely Are the Complications?

Hi, I am considering a revision rhinoplasty because I have an inverted V deformity and it hurts my breathing. Two surgeons I have consulted have said... READ MORE

Rib Cartilage Harvest Scar Repair?

Dear Doctors, I underwent revision rhinoplasty with rib cartilage grafts roughly 2 years ago. The cartilage harvest portion of the operation has left... READ MORE

Can my Nose Be Widened and the Dorsum Raised 2-3 Mm After Revision?

I've had one revision using a rib spreader graft and ear for the tip. My nose was broken and made skinnier but it totally changed the proportions... READ MORE

Shaving Rib Cartilage Graft on Bridge For Revision Possible?

Hello, 6 months ago, I had rib grafts put into my bridge and tip (strut) of my nose. Now i think the bridge is too high (2.5mm) and the tip is... READ MORE

What is Alternative to Silicone Implant? Rib Cartilage Safe?

Hi, I got my rhinoplasty about a year ago in another country but i have been seeing redness and white color near 2mm is silicone placed in my nose... READ MORE

Irradiated Cadaver Rib VS Autologous Rib Revision Rhinoplasty the Facts?

I have some questions regarding Irradiated and Autologous Rib. 1. Can Irradiated rib grafts be pre-cut ( so that it is more predictable how the shape... READ MORE

Can the Skin on my Nose Stretch To Withhold a Revision To Lengthen Nose?

My nose was made so short and I really dislike it. I want my nose lengthened and want my non bulbous nose back. My doctor will use rib cartilage and... READ MORE

Is It a Good Idea to Use Banked Rib Cartilage?

I will be having a revision rhinoplasty done and my doctor wants to use banked rib cartilage. Is this a good idea? He states that using my own is very... READ MORE

Rib Graft Bridge and Tip... Crooked, What Are my Options?

I am 1.5 months post ops and it's very obvious that my rib graft is crooked from the Start of my bridge to the tip... Much to the left. Is the... READ MORE

I Am 5 Days Post Op from a Rib Revision. When Will The Swelling Subside?

I just got cast off and while the tip was derotated well and nostrils look great, my nose looks like a long molded chunk of playdoh stuck onto my face... READ MORE

Can Your Septum Be Used for Grafting for a Revision if Its Slightly Deviated?

I just found out today from an ENT doctor that I have a slight to moderate deviated septum. I am looking into having a revision rhinoplasty because my... READ MORE

My Columella Has Retracted and Cartilage Reabsorbed. Am I Too Old for my Own Rib? I'm 49

My columella has retracted and cartilage reabsorbed. Am I too Old for my own Rib I'm 49 I have had 4 surgeries. It has retracted I Know that and I... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty - Rib Cartilage Augmentation - 10 Days Post Op

Hello, 10 days ago I had my first augmentation rhinoplasty with my own rib cartilage. Now, i completely regret it. So I was wondering if it's... READ MORE

Can I Have my Nose Cartilage Graft Bump Reshaped with Injections?

I have a wierd shape at the top of my bridge. which was built by rib cartilage.and i wanted that bump removed but the surgeon said it might require... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Revision Rhinoplasty in USA

Hi all, I am seeking an experienced revision rhinoplasty surgeon (many years of experience)that is: a) competent in revision surgery b) has produced... READ MORE

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