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Infected Gore-tex Nasal Implant

I had revision Rhinoplasty in Nov. 09. I didn't think my doctor had used a implant in the bridge of my nose. For the past year I have not been... READ MORE

Between Silicone and Gore Tex Which Will Be Better?

I had my rhinoplasty a couple of weeks using silicone implant since it was strongly recommended by my surgeon, after 5 days i just woke up having a... READ MORE

Goret-Tex Nose Tip Infection

Doctor first put ear cart. and 1 small piece of gore-tex in my tip, and as little hole was shown he put another small piece of gore-tex in short... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty, from Goretex to Silicone??

I had goretex and ear cartilage for my primary rhinoplasty almost a year ago. I plan to do a revision. Is it okay to do a revision with silicone?... READ MORE

Is It Possible To Replace Gore-tex Nasal Implant In Same Operation As Removal?

The nasal implant was done 3 years ago,everything is okay but would like to increase the height for more bridge. is it possible to have one surgery... READ MORE

Asian Rhinoplasty Pollybeak After Removal of Goretex?

I had a closed rhinoplasty with silicone in 2008, and in September 2012 an open surgery to take it out and put in goretex for bridge and ear cartilage... READ MORE

What needs to be done to correct the rhinoplasty job? My bridge looks unnaturally high and my eyes are close together. (Photo)

Had rhinoplasty performed using gore-tex to raise my bridge, ear cartilage for tip and alarplasty. It is 7d post op and my bridge looks unnaturally... READ MORE

When is a Revision Rhinoplasty Appropriate? As a Last Resort or Asap?

My PS can't pinpoint the exact infection or cause. The antibiotics are slowly helping w/ the swelling & pain. I'm wondering if I should... READ MORE

Gortex Nose Implant Infection?

Hello, It's been a little over 3 months since I had my revision rhinoplasty. I think I have an infection from the gortex implant that was used for a... READ MORE

Will my nose look deformed if I have my Goretex implant removed?

I am curious what the nose will look like if the goretex used as bridge augmentation was removed from my nose. I know it wont look like my old nose... READ MORE

Is It a Bad Idea to Get my Nasal Implant Removed, and then Get a Rhinoplasty Revision?

I'd like to get the Gore-tex implant removed from my nose because I feel it is too high and unnatural. I'd like it a lot shorter and smaller... READ MORE

Is restylane safe to hide edges of gore-tex implant? Will I have complications with fillers after revision? (Photo)

I am Asian with thin skin & bulbous tip. I had gore-tex implant placed on bridge & septal cartilage on tip 2 months ago (doctor suggested gore-tex).... READ MORE

What Other Types of Synthetics Can Be Used for Rhinoplasty Revision Besides Gore-tex?

If gore-tex was used in the original rhinoplasty can any other material be used? READ MORE

Is it too soon to do revision on my nose 1 month after removing the implant, only 4 months after the original rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty done on 12/9/13. Doc used Goretex (bridge) & cartilage (tip). 1 month after, redness appeared on the bridge. I asked Doc about it & he... READ MORE

Will a Tip Graft Removal Make my Nose Saggy?

I had goretex and ear cartilage put into my bridge and tip together with an alarplasty. If they where removed, will it make my bridge and tip saggy??... READ MORE

Removal of Implants Nose?

Hi dr, I am scheduled to remove my goretex implant and ear cartilage in tip this 19th. It is going to be perform by a different doctor. He said if the... READ MORE

Risk of replacing gore tex nasal implant after a soft-tissue reaction? (Photo)

I had a rhino 3 years ago; for 2 years, the results were beautiful (see 1st 2 pictures), then I developed a reaction. After the implant was removed, I... READ MORE

What is the Best Material/combination of Material to Completely Rebuild a Devastated Nose?

Despite my previous attempts to achieve a normal range of symmetry in my nose, I've not been very successful thus far and am therefore considering... READ MORE

What is a safe & permanent fix for filling a very deep radix? My Revision Rhinoplasty surgeon is recommending Gore Tex sheets.

My surgeon filed down my nasal dorsal hump with a rasp & had to fill my very deep radix. Over the nasal radix, a layered cartilage graft from septal... READ MORE

I am unhappy with my 4th rhinoplasty and I am feeling depressed (Photo)

Had my first surgery when i was 21. They used a silicone but it was too big so they removed it becoz of infection. After a month they used a smaller... READ MORE

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