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Will a Columellar Tuck Help De-project Nose Tip?

Overall, I am happy with the rhinoplasty I had over a year ago. I had a very wide and high bridge that was narrowed and lowered, and my large round... READ MORE

How is a Tip Deprojected? And What Happens to the Nostrils?

How is a tip deprojected? Is there always cartilage removed? What happens to the nostrils- do they always flare? Thank you for your answers. READ MORE

Post Rhinoplasty Revision: What Can be Done to Fix my nose?

Hi Doctors, 4 months post-revision, not much change compared to 11 weeks, and frankly I kinda knew 1 month post-op that not enough was taken out.... READ MORE

Will the Nose Look Longer if the Tip is De Projected?

I had a rhinoplasty done 8 months ago. My nose looks shorter and my left nostril is retracted. My doctor suggested to de project the tip. I was... READ MORE

Deprojection and Rotation in Revision Rhinoplasty, What are the Potential Risks?

Is it risky to attempt a subtle deprojection or rotation at my next surgery. when I attempt to slightly rotate my tip by deemphasizing my tip lobule... READ MORE

Deprojected, overly derotated rev rhino resulted in stretched/loose midface skin. Can the next rev rhino fix this? (Photos)

My Dr. removed 3mm of skin under my nose, overly derotated the tip, deprojected it, elevated my supra alar creases, and then "pulled" the skin on my... READ MORE

What grafts are required to increase projection and length in a revision rhinoplasty, and is this possible? (photos)

I really wanted a subtle result, like the computer image I made, but my actual result changed my upper lip and my nose also looks too short for my... READ MORE

Is it possible to have a closed rhinoplasty revision to rebuild my infratip lobule angle and columella please?

My primary septo/rhino was via closed incisions. My surgeon used my septal cartilage for my spreader grafts. He has not cut my caudal septum, 6mm is... READ MORE

Can a tongue in groove technique deproject my nose or only turn it up? (Photo)

I want to go for a revisiĆ³n rhinoplasty as I don't like my long and projected nose. My doctor says he Will perform a tongue in groove technique as my ... READ MORE

Is this possible for a revision rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I had septo-rhino about year ago. Doctor did things I didn't ask for, he deprojected my nose too much for my liking. I'd like it to look as close as... READ MORE

Will I require an ear cartilage graft to rebuild my tip?

My surgeon has performed a deprojection and lifted tip without my consent. I would like to get my old tip back. My septum cartilage was used for my... READ MORE

Can my lower lateral cartilages be restored and placed in correct position in a revision rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I'm 4.5 months post op from a revision rhino. My lower lateral cartilages had the domes trimmed off of them and were lowered down to my alar rims. My... READ MORE

How much swelling will decrease after 4 hours revision rhino with 5, 6 septal grafts? (Photo)

For a second time I am in extremely hard time.i will put pictures 14 after my definision of the bridge,no alar crease,no tip.i feel the... READ MORE

Am I developing pollybeak? (Photo)

This is 2nd rhinoplasty revision. This time it was with a surgeon who is well known for his expertise in rhinoplasty revisions. I've never had a hump... READ MORE

I need a Revision Rhino Dr on East coast

I need a Revision Rhino Dr on East coast who is not paying PR for reviews and is honest and knows how to do a nasal deprojection, in addition to other... READ MORE

Can nose deprojection be successful only through a columella shortening/tuck? (Photos)

I had an open/invasive surgery 2 years ago - however my nose still projects off my face too much, and nostrils are too long. Post surgery it was a... READ MORE

Follow-up Question: Revision required: nose is too long, projects out and looks pinched. Is a revision achievable? (photos)

Some additional images to my existing question re long pinched nose. Had the primary rhino 2013 and the computer generated image was good. The... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty revision: will deprojecting 2-3mm possibly 4mm make a significant change? (Photos)

I am getting a revision on a previous rhinoplasty with the same surgeon. He did a good job the first time with my droop and hump, but now my nose is... READ MORE

Follow-up Question: Restoring Cephalic Strip and Deprojecting Nose Tip with One Septal L-Strut Graft?

Could one septal L-strut graft be enough material to restore the cephalic tip and deproject the nose by a hair? The sutures binding the medial crura... READ MORE

Revision rhinoplasty to deproject nose?

I had a primary open tip rhinoplasty around two years ago to refine my boxy, uneven and bifid nose tip. Although I'm very happy with the results and... READ MORE

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