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Swelling at Supratip 9 Months Post-Third Rhinoplasty?

I had my third rhinoplasty about nine months ago to remove fatty tissue on the right side supratip region and push the right bone in towards the... READ MORE

Is my Body Rejecting the Silicone in my Nose?

I had a revision rhinoplasty last October and two months later I acquired this blob inside the left nostril. The doctor said it would go away. Nine... READ MORE

Is It Difficult to Remove Silicone from Your Nose?

I had a revision rhinoplasty and silicone was used it seems I might have an infection. I have a blob full of puss on the left side of my nostril and... READ MORE

Can Ear Cartilage Graft Be Removed from Nose Under Local Anesthesia?

Hello, I had a revision rhinoplasty with ear cartilage grafts .Can the cartilage graft be removed under local anesthesia or do I need a complete... READ MORE

Can I Have Revision Rhinoplasty After 9 Months?

The Chief of the Nose Group of the University of São Paulo School of Medicine which is the biggest medical school in South America is telling... READ MORE

9 Months Post-op from 2nd Revision Rhinoplasty - Now What??

I'm 9 mo post-op from a 2nd rev rhinoplasty, and I'm unfortunately still very unhappy with the results. This was my 3rd surgery in a 12-year... READ MORE

Post-op, I'm so depressed. My nose looks weird and masculine. Can I get my nose back after removing my cartilage graft? (Photo)

Hi, its my 9 mnths post rhinoplasty. I had a bit wider nose & opted for rhinoplasty to get a nose like Adriana Lima or Kate Becknisale- not too narrow... READ MORE

9 Months Post Op And Nose Doesn't Look Any Better, What To Do?

I had a revision back in 11-28-2010. It consisted of nasal implant removal, alar base reduction, and the addition of ear cartilage to the tip and... READ MORE

9 Months Post Op (Rhinoplasty) and Very Unhappy-How Should I Talk About This with my Surgeon? (photo)

Hi! I got a rhinoplasty last August to bring in the tip&sides, but my nose still looks big! Especially, in pictures. I want a revision, but it... READ MORE

Nose was Broken 9 Months After a Septoplasty, Can it be Repaired?

I had broken my nose a few years ago and had a deviated septum which caused difficulty in breathing. I had a septoplasty 9 months ago which was very... READ MORE

Can my bridge be augmented with diced cartilage wrapped in alloderm or fascia? Would a plumping graft be suited for me? (Photo)

I got rhinoplasty 9 months ago. I wanted a straighter bridge and a little smaller profile. I think my surgeon resected too much. I don't like that I... READ MORE

9 months post op tip. Would a revision make the columella look better? (Photo)

Overall happy with result - wondering if a revision make the tip coulmella look better - I feel it's a hanging. READ MORE

Swelling on Side of Nose Goes Down After Taping, but Reappears After a Day or Two?

9 months post-op with my first revision rhinoplasty, had 2 steroid injections to reduce swelling, but recently on the left side of the lower part of... READ MORE

What is lowest effective dose/strength of kenalog for rhinoplasty swelling and scar tissue? (Photo)

I had rhinoplasty 6 years ago to fix a broken nose. I was happy immediately after, but developed a lot of swelling and scar tissue in the tip... READ MORE

How will a secondary scar at the columella heal after open revision rhinoplasty? My first scar healed well. (Photo)

I got open rhinoplasty 9 months ago and I am considering a revision to fix some issues: - overresected bridge - too narrow tip and deep soft tissue... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty 9 Months Ago, Nose Crooked? (photo)

I've had revision rhinoplasty 9 months ago and find that it is crooked. It is most apparent when I smile and in bright lighting. In the pictures I've... READ MORE

Had A Revision Rhino 1 Month Ago and Nostril and Tip Look Very Swollen?

Hi im 17 years old and i had a nose job over 9 months ago. For the most part my nose swelling went down after 6 months. It didn't swell that much... READ MORE

Bump on right side of nose near the bridge, after open Rhinoplasty. (photo)

Hello, I got revision open rhinoplasty 9 months ago and I noticed that the right side of my bridge has a bump on it. I could feel it, it is quite hard... READ MORE

Second Rhino/Septo in Nine Months?

Hey Guys, So I had rhino/septo performed last February (about nine months ago) by a ent surgeon. I'm scheduled to have another rhino/septo performed... READ MORE

Cartilage showing through thin skin after nose surgery to correct breathing. 'Closed' surgery procedure. (Photo)

9 months ago, I had a revision nose surgery to correct breathing. The doc added cartilage, removed from my ear, to my nose to lift and move one... READ MORE

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